Weekend the Was: Jenae and James get Married

So like Jenae and I were married on the 21st of March in Havelock North at Duart House.

After keeping me waiting for a more than fashionable 20 minutes Madam turned up in Henry the Car in a most beautiful wedding dress:

jenae brown wedding photo
     The Bride and Henry

The sun was shining, the families and friends all seemed very happy and were actually mingling. Ian began to play Canon in D on the electric guitar and the show began. Up the aisle, Jenae came with the biggest smile I think I have ever seen, which I could not help but return. 

The ceremony felt very quick though very special. Soon enough we each had new rings on our fingers and we were married. It was a wonderful feeling. It's a small moment of exactness in one's life.

Shortly after I spied Optimus Prime in the garden, shedding a tear. Bless.

The Manatee then led a fine toast to us the happy couple. This was pretty cool as Jenae and I and the Manatee all met on our first day at St Joseph's primary school in Hastings, all being in the same class! Nathan Rarere's mum was our teacher! 

Photos sessions followed:

james and jenae ryan marriage photo bride and groom       Mr and Mrs Jimmy Jangles

We then enjoyed a very splendid dinner. I must insert a Blatant Plug for Dale and Jeremey of Pure Catering in Havelock North who did a superb job and went beyond the call of duty for us several times both before the ceremony and on the day. 

During the speeches, some old stories came out involving crocodiles, lipstick and a recent story about the wedding rings. 

You see I hid  Jenae's wedding ring in the couch before we went on Christmas holiday for safe keeping. In the New Year we got a new leather couch as a wedding present from my mother. So naturally we got rid of the old couch by way of donation to the Salvation Army. A couple of weeks pass and Jenae suddenly asks one night to look at her ring. Nurons collide faster than that machine they built that is supposed to kill us all and I recalled my actions. I realise I have done the dumbest thing I have ever done. 


Needless to say the Salvation Army had sold the couch and had no idea where it went. So some where in Wellington CBD, someone has purchased a 3 piece material brown couch which has deep in the heart of one of its pieces, a green box with a diamond ring calmly waiting to be worn!

We rushed to the same jeweller and purchased the same ring (with a price increase of several hundered dollars). Thankfully the Insurance paid out within three days and with no hassles.

Update: Ring Found!

james and jenae ryan marriage photo bride and groom jimmy jangles                       The Bridal Party

After speeches, the wedding celebrations continued with a cake and a dance. We chose to dance to the U2 cover of Unchained Melody. We did this outside, under a ring of lights in the thunderous dark, however it began to rain heavily in the middle of this, it was actually kind of fun dancing in the rain with a crowd of  70 people cheering you on!

We then cranked out the 80 hits and partied away the rest of the evening to Abba, Bon Jovi, Madonna and Queen

Next day was a BBQ at my Father's and then off to Rarotonga for the honey moon.


Ms Constantine said...

Sounded great until the bit about U2 :p

I'll forgive you guys though because Jenae's dress looks amazing! She's so pretty :]


Jimmy Jangles said...


Anonymous said...

Hello, jenae was my primary school teacher and she looks really beautiful. Please let her know I miss her a lot xo