U2 NLOTH - The Leaving Home album

So after the wedding I grabbed myself a CD copy of U2's No Line on the Horizon. First listen through I was like "Oh yeah really? How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb owns this!" And then it hit me. The first single Get on Your Boots was a grow up-er and so was the album. NLOTH is almost a revelation for U2. Critics thought they found their soul again on Leave Behind, but I think the real rebirth was the last album. NLOTH is the 'leaving home' album and the parents could not be prouder.

no line on the horizon

Magnificant is the second track and should have been the first single, it has cross over hit written all over it. After a kind of Black Betty intro, The Edge chimes in with trademark appegio notes that could not be improved apon. To state the obvious, the song is already magnificant before Bono even utters the word itself.

Third song, Moment of Surrender finds U2 baring their soul completely, with Bono perhaps earnestly singing about his the day he married his wife (though it could easily be one of the characters Bono claims are running round the album. Exhibit A: Unknown Caller).

NLOTH pounds its way through a solid set of songs, musically and lyrically its a totally satisfying listen and is easily up there with U2's best offerings. That said, I think U2's Pop album was Bono's best ever lyrical effort.

Fez - Being Born offers a minute of mixed up whatever ness with Bono asking to be let back in the sound before picking up where Stand Up Comedy finished off. 

Breathe finds Bono almost scat rapping live a preacherman before Cedars of Lebanon quietly rounds out the album. Amen.

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