The Return of the Ring

I have the best story I've ever had the joy to tell. You know sometimes how you hear of how a gentleman was fishing and he loses his wedding ring and a giant fish eats it and then 20 years later his son catches it, fillets the thing and finds the ring and gives it back to his father? Mine's just as cool.

I got married a year ago to Jenae. Loyal readers might recall the details of how I lost the wedding ring, but I must recap for now.

You see I hid Jenae's wedding ring in the couch or lounge chairs before we went on Christmas holiday for safe keeping. I know, who does that right? In the New Year we got a new leather couch as a wedding present from my mother shortly before the wedding.

Hi mum!

So naturally we got rid of the old couch and chairs by way of donation to the Salvation Army in Wellington. Onwards Christian Soldier!

A couple of weeks pass and Jenae suddenly asks one night a week before the wedding to look at her ring. Neurons fire off faster than that machine they built that was supposed to kill us all and I recalled my actions.

I realised I have done the dumbest thing I have ever done. Ring is gone and the people who bought the couch and chairs seemed to have paid cash and cannot be found. Cue much mirth and harassment during the actual wedding day speeches.

The replacement ring going on!
That was about 14 months ago. Tonight, one month or so after our wedding anniversary, Jenae walks into town to get some ink for the printer and passed the Salvation Army store to which the couch had been sent originally. She sadly thinks of the time her dumb husband lost her wedding band and looks in the window.

And there they were, the two chairs that we donated over 14 months ago were back in the Sallies, sans couch.

Jenae's heart raced and she whipped in. After a breathless garbled message to the store clerk, who appeared to think she was insane, Jenae rummaged around in the closest chair... and from it's depths pulled out the lost ring!

The two clerks could not believe it and jumped for joy with Jenae.

What goes around, comes around eh?

We had missed that ring more than Gollum missed his! The story even made it on Polly and Grant's ZM radio breakfast show it was that tragic! We were pretty stoked to have got it back!

The irony is (is it? Ed.) that I bought Jenae another identical band to go on the other side of her engagement ring for our anniversary some 5 weeks ago - so she now had four rings! We had claimed insurance and they paid out in three days and we got a new wedding band in no time - we rang the insurer who offered us the chance to  keep the ring and give the money back or vice versa. Given J doesn't need four rings, we gave it back. Some might say we should have keep quiet, but that's not how we roll.

Given my father died two weeks ago, this sure has bought some cheer to the family, and the conspiracy theorists and theists reckon he might have had a word with the big guy about it! How Johnny would have loved to hear this story.

Anyways, I'm now only slightly more forgiven for losing the ring in the first place, and I have a great story to tell the kids one day!

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