Leopard takes down a crocodile

What's with the crocodiles in Kruger National Park? Are they pussies? Remember the Battle of Kruger where they lost? Check out these photos of a leopard dragging a crocodile from a river and finishing off on land.

The photographs were taken by Hal Brindley, a professional American wildlife photographer, who was supposed to be taking pictures of hippotami from inside his car in the Kruger National Park. A 
titanic wrestle followed.  The leopard  was able to drag the crocodile from the water to the land.

With the crocodile snapping its jaws furiously, the two animals continued to wrestle. Despite the crocodile's huge weight and strength, the leopard had the upper hand catching its prey by the throat. The following pictures show how the croc was subdued, suffocated and then dragged off by the leopard for a well earned lunch!


The leopard may have some crocodile meat to eat today but sometimes crododiles do win. Check out when this crocodile bit off a vet's arm or where one got a shark!

All photos by Hal Brindley. 

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