Moving to the Karori, gonna eat a lot of Peaches

So Jay Bee and I have bit the bullet, got a mortgage, and bought a house in Karori. I understand it's a place where people go to be grown ups. I know it's a place for grown ups as it has a New World and only grown ups shop at New World. 


We have a lovely brick house with three bedrooms and a fricken sweet living area. We did have to make sure that all our whiteware was actually all silverware so it would match the oven! WTF you say? 

Look, I don't ask why, I just fork over the cash. It's easier that way.

In return, I get sanctuary over what has quickly been called the Man Cave and the garage for the car. This means I get to buy stuff to put stuff in said buildings like gardening shears, an axe (acutally two), paint, hammers and saws. Yippie!

Moving in was an all day effort and things went well - a big ups and thanks for E who took time out to spend the day lugging boxes and beds down 28 steps all day.

The week that followed was an assortment of cleaning, removing ugly shelving, getting firewood delivered, learning which number bus to catch and what was the best of the three fish and chip shops Karori has to offer.

Answers to the learning: The Number 3 and Corfu.

The three day weekend was a further excuse to go a lil nuts at Bunnings buying various other tools like snippers and loppers plus some glphosate weedkiller and a grass cutting machine. Oh, and curtains. We bought lots of curtains. And then I hung curtains. Looots of curtains.

And that's what I wrote a few months ago and forgot to press publish. Since then I've sanded benches and window sills, had a party and a BBQ and painted the front step. It also snowed. If snowed for the first time in 50 years in Wellington and it was muthuckin cold!

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