Best friends with Optimus Prime. Sucks to be you, Starscream fan....
star wars birth day cake

Loyal readers may know I've spent most of my internet time over the past year working on a Star Wars blog, In a Far Away Galaxy and we realised it's that blog's birthday. Well it was last month.... Time has flown by faster than a Ewok chasing some chocolate. 

I've thoroughly enjoyed exploring the Star Wars universe in greater detail, we’ve learnt so many facts about how the movies were made and trivia about the characters and their back stories. We've come along with since this first post pondering if Luke will be in Episode 7 kicking on to another 256! 

Plenty of visits have been made to site and it’s been pleasing to see the numbers increasing every month.

Here’s some of the more popular and interesting posts that we’ve done.

Thanks for visiting the site, we hope you found what you were looking for and more!

Meet the Scarlet Witch from the set of the Avengers

Elizabeth Olsen Scarlett Witch Avengers

Meet Scarlet Witch from the Avengers. This is a picture from the set of the movie – Scarlet Witch is being played by Elizabeth Olsen.

Check out those boots! 

If you have any questions about Star Wars...

It’s time for a round up on what In a Faraway Galaxy has been up to. We’ve been fairly busy recently covering various myths and inspirations that went into making the movies. We also asked some odd questions. A lot of questions.

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