The loneliness of the Loser Cruiser


So like I catch the loser cruiser each morning down the winding hill to work. Everyday at the bus stop, littering the street, are the same usual suspects all dressed in their black bank suits, school uniforms, impossibly sharp heeled high heels and the usual accoutrements of umbrellas, hand bags and of course the ever present 10 trip bus tickets.

I see these people 5 days a week and I never say a word to them or even acknowledge their presence. They do like wise for me. I do give them imaginary names usually associated with an imaginary job. There’s Lawyer Dude, Bank Girl, Rich Dude that Must be a Good Lawyer, and Looks kinda like Wonderwoman. There’s Fat Bitch that always goes to the front of the cue, Got knocked up and I appear to be Single Girl, Ugly Guy with surprisingly Not So Ugly Girlfriend and of course my personal favourite Hey look! There’s my flatmate running for the bus cos he’s late dude.

I think the etiquette while waiting at the bus stop is basically keep your shit to yourself.

So then when I actually meet 'Looks like Wonderwoman' at a friend’s leaving party on Friday I was pleasantly surprised to find she’s a very nice person. Unexpectedly she chose to sit next to me on the bus today – greeted me with a nice smile. I wondered if that’s cos she remembers what I drunk dick I am or what. We had a nice chat about the our friend in common, the party etc ra ra.

So here’s the conundrum – Am I obliged to say hello to her every day from henceforth? Or any other Early Morning Usual Suspect? It’s like some kind of Seinfeld situation where now that you’ve said hello to a resident in your appartment block your obliged to continue the acquaintance… Would one be being rude if one ignored my new bus buddy? Hell what if they ignored me? Should I say hello next time?

Well the answer is simple and its has something to with the fact she’s called Looks kinda like Wonderwoman. :)

Tangi Tales Pt I

So like Hi! I got back from Tangimona yesterday. They don't know what the internet is there so here's a blog I wrote by hand.


So here I am, its 12.30 the Wednesday after New Year. I'm at a small place called Tangimoana. Its on the West Coast of the North Island. Palmerston North is about 25 mins drive in land. Its population is about 300 people, some sane, some clearly inbred. Plus a few stray dogs. And a lizard/slink thing which I failed to catch.

Tangi has a schol, dairy and camping ground ( hmm is that a good name for a gay bar?)

The house I'm in is a family beach house that's been in that family for about 60 years. The beach is actually 2km by car from the house or about 1km by way of the crow. We can see the waves form our front gate.

The house is in Kina Street which turns into Kuku st. (All the same road) Go Figure.

This is my favourite place in the world. But we're nearly out of Steinlager.

My Dad and I went fishing at the beach to catch a Kawhai or something. We each caught an eel. And two herring. Woo bloody hoo. The water was too muddy from recent rain.

While I think of it - has Scribe made ne public statement re the fracas went he let some one get beaten? See earlier blog entry for link if u care.

Ok I'm getting sick of typing this out - I still have two pages 2 go - so I'll just sign this one off and start off afresh.