So do I come in on two or four?

So like I have joined a band finally. Of sorts.

We're called 'Chucky and the Moody Coops'.

The Players:

Screaming: Charlie Chicken
Bass: The Swar
'Cussin: DJ Rano
Drums: Snozz
Lead string thing: E
Jangles: Other string thing.

We play a mean Dave Matthews cover.

That's it.

Our first gig is some winery in HB in early January.


I'm on holiday so I wont write, I wont call for a wee while.

Tirrah possums!!

Steve Urwin spotted alive and well in Westfield Mall, Wellington, NZ

God, who do you have to probe around here to get a chardonay?

Bond, Shane Bond.

Not him anyway.

Remember the days in the old school yard?

This post is very amusing. Just for the line at the end.

I used to laugh a lot too.

This is more than you deserve

Let's talk about when technology goes horribly wrong: Could there be another Nintendo 64? And so sayethed the Ali G. Respect. Apparently. And there in lies the rhubarb. Go Buy an Xbox 360. Just don’t hate the player. Hate the skater hater’s haters hater hater. But just do it later. Et tu Brutus. West.side.massive. I fear this is a missive. Either way, I'm not on a mission from God.

Did you wander along the yellow brick road last night? Did you get lost Tin Man? High as a kite the Lion King might just stop to check you out. G / C G / C. Emerald City indeed.

But I have digressified, this is just pictures in the mirror. You know I tried to make you realise. I told you Hamish Marshall was no good. At least 007 The Monster is Loose! Oh to be a better man Robbie, doing all you can. I wish I was a Fat Dancer from Take that. Narrrtt!

Waiting, watching, its four o’clock, I’ve got to stop. Hakuna Matata.

This is the way the world ends

Swagger and Attitude

Frank Sinatra: Living Legend

Bono was asked to introduce Frank Sinatra when the vocal legend was given the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 1994 Grammy Awards. This is the speech Bono delivered in honor of Sinatra, a speech Sinatra called "... probably the best introduction I've ever had."

Frank never did like Rock and Roll And he's not crazy about guys wearing earrings either But he doesn't hold it against me And anyway, the feeling is not mutual

Rock and Roll people love Frank Sinatra because Frank has got what we want: swagger and attitude; he's big on attitude Serious attitude, bad attitude Frank's the Chairman of the bad Rock and Roll plays at being tough but this guy, well, he's the boss The boss of bosses The man The big bang of pop I'm not gonna mess with him, are you?

Who's this guy that every city in America wants to claim as their own? This painter who lives in the desert, this first-rate, first-take actor This singer who makes other men poets Boxing clever with every word Talking like America Tough, straight-up, in headlines Comin' through with the big stick, the aside, the quiet compliment Good cop, bad cop, all in the same breath You know his story 'cause it's your story Frank walks like America -- cock-sure

It's 1945 and the U.S. Cavalry are trying to get their asses out of Europe, but they never really do They're part of another kind of invasion AFR -- American Forces Radio (sic) Broadcasting a music that'll curl the stiff upper-lip of England and the rest of the world Paving the way for Duke Ellington, the big band, Tommy Dorsey And right out in front -- Frank Sinatra His voice as tight as a fist Opening at the end of a bar Not on the beat, over it, playing with it, splitting it like a jazz man, like Miles Davis Turning on the right phrase and the right song Which is where he lives, where he lets go, where he reveals himself.

His songs are his home and he lets you in But you know that to sing like that you've gotta have lost a couple of fights To know tenderness and romance you've gotta have had your heart broken

People say that Frank hasn't talked to the press, they wanna know how he is, what's on his mind But you know Sinatra's out there more nights than most punk bands Selling his story through the songs Telling and articulate in the choice of those songs Private thoughts on a public address system Generous

This is the conundrum of Frank Sinatra Left and right brain hardly talking Boxer and painter, actor and singer, lover and father, bandman and loner Troubleshooter and troublemaker The champ who would rather show you his scars than his medals He may be putty in Barbara's hands But I'm not gonna mess with him, are you?

Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to welcome a man heavier than the Empire State, more connected than the Twin Towers, as recognizable as the Statue of Liberty, and living proof that God is a Catholic!

Will you welcome the King of New York City, Francis Albert Sinatra!

English Pie

So like what a day. Sux to an English Batsman eh?

With a batting display like that on a wicket that was doing f all - it's no wonder the English like apple crumble.

Maybe we should send them Hamish Marshall.... he'd have lasted at least another over.