Look who is all growed up!

Why, its Spencer Elden, baby model!

Chucky and the Moody Coops: We do weddings

chucky and the mood coops
So like the Moody Coops proudly supported Chucky at his and Deb's Wedding. I think we played okay - we'd practiced heaps.

Was a bit nervous and nearly missed the intro queue but it was pretty fun to rock out at the end. Not bad for my first 'live' performance I reckon. Had heaps of fun with the players, before, during and at the after match function!! Props to Manatee for a great speech.

I am scared that the guy on the right appears to have semblance in looks to Quentin Taratino...

Photo: SAS

Rock, it aint what she used to be..

I bring you the topselling albums in review for 2006. Simon Sweetman, eat your heart out.

1 50 Based On A True Story-Fat Freddy's Drop

Give me strength. This is why that news guy with Big Ears will be first against the wall when they make me king for a day. Being a fool for a year would be worth it.

2 37 Back To Bedlam-James Blunt

He's like sooo cute inn he? Pass me the bucket.

3 30 Stadium Arcadium-Red Hot Chili Peppers

Hey Oh, this is the way to go.

4 37 All The Right Reasons-Nickelback

Sorry, I just slit my wrists and there's blood on the keyboard.

5 27 High School Musical OST-Various

Was it me or was this soft porn?

6 42 PCD-The Pussycat Dolls

This was most definitely. Carry On.

7 22 Eyes Open-Snow Patrol

More music to slit your wrists to.

8 31 Eye To The Telescope-KT Tunstall

The Devil wears Prada. I like that film.

9 28 Ring Of Fire: The Legend Of-Johnny Cash

The obligatory dead man best of kicks most peoples

10 24 Sing-Alongs And Lullabies-Jack Johnson

Are we still not over Jack? You curious buggers. Update: Here's the lyrics to To The Sea

11 16 10,000 Days-Tool

Ha, they said tool.

12 29 Taking the Long Way-The Dixie Chicks

We don't heart W.

13 18 Into The Dojo-The Black Seeds

Come on people reggae dies with Bob. Long may he be dead.

14 3 18 Singles-U2

It's no secret the stars are falling from the sky.

15 10 Still The Same: Great Rock Classics Of Our Time-Rod Stewart

I blame my mum for this abomination.

16 18 Curtain Call: The Hits-Eminem

Go lose yourself dude.

17 26 Birds-Bic Runga

I like Birds

18 10 Sam's Town-The Killers

Somebody told me this was hot stuff.

19 13 FutureSex / LoveSounds-Justin Timberlake

I hate you people.

20 12 Modern Times-Bob Dylan

The Rolling Stone magazine would be proud. I'm not.