Its better than Rosebud!

Popbitch says that Kurt Russell has confirmed a long-standing industry legend... that the last thing Walt Disney did before he died was write the words, "Kurt Russell".

In other news this week Optimus Prime had an oil change and Bumblebee got something in his eye.

Alligators and Crocs Pt II

When I was a little toothy terror we rented Alligator. God damn that was one of the scariest movies ever when you were like 10.

See you later Alligator, in a while crocodile!

So I know its yesterday's news but a conversstion with Jimmy Jangles Snr reminded me of the stupid vet that put his arm in what he thought was a drugged up croc...

Now I knew the odd smart but dumb vet when I was at Massey but none would ever have been so stupid.

Those mates joined the army.


Angela's Ashes

I’m not a slave to your gods that don’t exist
Don’t believe a man called Jesus could let it come to this
One dead in the head and another 32 just dead

I’m not a slave to a world that doesn’t give a damn
about Manson’s rock and roll band
You want a tragedy? It’s all too common
I’ll misbehave as I see fit
I’ll rant and rave only if you give a shit

Moses lead some people through the water but god want let them drink
Newsflash: Nick Cage threw up in the kitchen sink

If the world is Allah’s Ashtray
Then my credit card’s gonna have to pay pay and pay
I’m a slave to the currency of consumer control
I buy what’s witty, what’s droll
I didn’t vote for Bob Dole

He aint heavy

DWJR strikes again.


I'm sick of this blogging shit. I'm done.

This city's got big buildings.

I like food.