Gears of War Review

Ah the sweet bliss of blogging with a diet coke in one hand and a belly full of sausage rolls. And of course, your company dear reader.

So like Gears of War for Xbox 360. I decided to play it on casual mode cos I just want a hit around before Halo 3. It's fairly easy but has good game play. It’s a straight shooter pretty much. Graphics are amazingly detailed but the world is a burnt gray - A complete contrast to most games so it's quite novel. The players themselves are pretty cool with good interaction in the cut scenes and nods to past agendas, glories, loves and failures.

Music is good at heightening the action. There’s a quiet lil motif played throughout when you’re slowly making your way round which gives a real sense of danger but not symbolising a future danger if you know wot I mean gov (is that threnody?)

Apparently there are 5 acts and I did the first in like 2 hours of game play so its short and sweet on easy mode. Some pretty foul original beasts to bring down – some of them remind me of LOTR but not really IYKWIMG.

Played one match making game. What an overated piece of poohaa. Mummy do something it smells! This average Halo player got his ass handed to him. The game just doesn’t feel right. It's not free and easy. The whole chainsaw thing, totally overated. I’ll play a few more virus games but I sense I’ll do the campaign, get a few achievements and then go nuts on Halo 3.

Snipershots rule!

Like a Bat out of Hell you should watch a hoor movie a day

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Bioshock Soundtrack for Free! Gratis! Hanging and Banging Jerry!

Get the Bioshock Soundtrack for Free! Gratis! Hanging and Banging Jerry!

For the rabid fans out there, voila! Here is the link to the soundtrack for the new Bioshock 360 game. Enjoy

Got Gears of War today ....

I am the Master Chief

Where are you? St Clares?

Did they just kill Chris?

Fuck they did.

And you thought I was a chardonnay man*

So I just drank Ngatarawa Stables dry. Amen.

*actually why would you? I ainta jaffa, nor a leechin bleachin socialist.


It starts with awe
You’ve been there, downed it all
Cuffed, chained and collared
Drunk, on your hands and knees
Begged, rolled over and crawled
For a dollar, caught the groupie blues

It continues with an open sore
For love (sic) that was spurned
Sucking bubbles on a bent straw
The moonies ask you to say hello to the baby jesus
Cos that’s the only way you can please us

It ends with a broken paw
You thought love was a many splendored thing
Oh, you pretty thing
Your rock god failed you
An empty concert hall
Like your name, the lyrics mean nothing

Is there nothing left now that you’ve got mono from Bono?

Mr. President, you're going to let that lousy commie punk vomit all over us like this?

Not PC, lays it down like it is.

“Socialism is just Communism without the courage of its convictions.”

The end.