Scott and two visitors from Hawkes Bay

Feeling Supersonic, Gimme Gin and Tonic Pt I

I warned you! I told you what to expect!

One day this will happen to the Manatee.

It's a list with no diagrams

Pears tagged the Whore and Chris hit the bandwagon like a groupie needing a group to grope. Feeling left out I self selected myself for the completely unoriginal but always good for a laugh - what would what you take on a desert island game!. 5 CDs is today’s topic. Tomorrow is brands of cereal.

Obviously I’m gonna play this one straight.

1. Oasis - What’s the Story (Morning Glory)

This album is just bliss to me and why I learnt to play the guitar. WW/DLBINA/WTHSMG. They will play these songs at my state funeral (any bury me with my Takamine).

2. Live - Throwing Copper.

Music to lose your religion too. Even has a guest appearance by Micheal Stipe.

3. REM - Automatic for the People.

Just in case I really did want to slit my wrists, this album’s musings on life death and how to live it will surely help me finish the job. Probably by inducing a desire to shove a beach of sand down by throat. ‘Follow the River is’ one of the best album closers ever (Neil Finn actually does great album closers too).

4. Bon Jovi – Crossroads

One of the best best ofs EVER! She’s a lil Runawaaaaay. If I can’t have this I’ll have Def Leppard’s Vault. One of the best best ofs EVER! She’s bringing on the Heart Break! The island will clearly be party central with me around so a few 80s hits will be ab fab vital.

5. The Wiggles: The Wiggles

Not many person have heard of this Australian band but they outsell Akaa Dacca by 5 2 1. They have this guy called Jeff in a yellow shirt who kind of looks like ol Will Shatner (I can’t get behind that, Donny Crane!). I like the song ‘Wake Up Jeff’ about Jeff (the guy who needs to wake up) as its got soul, my funk soul bruva, check it out now.

And once more for luck:

6. David Gilmour: On an Island

Nuff Said.

Look who is all growed up!

Why, its Spencer Elden, baby model!

Chucky and the Moody Coops: We do weddings

chucky and the mood coops
So like the Moody Coops proudly supported Chucky at his and Deb's Wedding. I think we played okay - we'd practiced heaps.

Was a bit nervous and nearly missed the intro queue but it was pretty fun to rock out at the end. Not bad for my first 'live' performance I reckon. Had heaps of fun with the players, before, during and at the after match function!! Props to Manatee for a great speech.

I am scared that the guy on the right appears to have semblance in looks to Quentin Taratino...

Photo: SAS

Rock, it aint what she used to be..

I bring you the topselling albums in review for 2006. Simon Sweetman, eat your heart out.

1 50 Based On A True Story-Fat Freddy's Drop

Give me strength. This is why that news guy with Big Ears will be first against the wall when they make me king for a day. Being a fool for a year would be worth it.

2 37 Back To Bedlam-James Blunt

He's like sooo cute inn he? Pass me the bucket.

3 30 Stadium Arcadium-Red Hot Chili Peppers

Hey Oh, this is the way to go.

4 37 All The Right Reasons-Nickelback

Sorry, I just slit my wrists and there's blood on the keyboard.

5 27 High School Musical OST-Various

Was it me or was this soft porn?

6 42 PCD-The Pussycat Dolls

This was most definitely. Carry On.

7 22 Eyes Open-Snow Patrol

More music to slit your wrists to.

8 31 Eye To The Telescope-KT Tunstall

The Devil wears Prada. I like that film.

9 28 Ring Of Fire: The Legend Of-Johnny Cash

The obligatory dead man best of kicks most peoples

10 24 Sing-Alongs And Lullabies-Jack Johnson

Are we still not over Jack? You curious buggers. Update: Here's the lyrics to To The Sea

11 16 10,000 Days-Tool

Ha, they said tool.

12 29 Taking the Long Way-The Dixie Chicks

We don't heart W.

13 18 Into The Dojo-The Black Seeds

Come on people reggae dies with Bob. Long may he be dead.

14 3 18 Singles-U2

It's no secret the stars are falling from the sky.

15 10 Still The Same: Great Rock Classics Of Our Time-Rod Stewart

I blame my mum for this abomination.

16 18 Curtain Call: The Hits-Eminem

Go lose yourself dude.

17 26 Birds-Bic Runga

I like Birds

18 10 Sam's Town-The Killers

Somebody told me this was hot stuff.

19 13 FutureSex / LoveSounds-Justin Timberlake

I hate you people.

20 12 Modern Times-Bob Dylan

The Rolling Stone magazine would be proud. I'm not.