Its better than Rosebud!

Popbitch says that Kurt Russell has confirmed a long-standing industry legend... that the last thing Walt Disney did before he died was write the words, "Kurt Russell".

In other news this week Optimus Prime had an oil change and Bumblebee got something in his eye.

Its all over rover

First with the head, then the heart Peekay.

Will I didn't obey those wise words so am pretty sad the Black Caps lost against Sri Lankia. Sadder still Fleming has resigned as Captain. He's seems like a real genuine bloke. Meh.

Still some very pleasing things from the whole month - Styris in the form of his life and, Flem scoring some runs and Lil Lucas taking afew wickets too - and some sweet wins over windies, seth africa and england made for a half decent tourney.

Bring on the All Blacks and the Rugby World Cup....

Did you know the drummer from Def Leppard's only got one arm?

Alligators and Crocs Pt II

When I was a little toothy terror we rented Alligator. God damn that was one of the scariest movies ever when you were like 10.

See you later Alligator, in a while crocodile!

So I know its yesterday's news but a conversstion with Jimmy Jangles Snr reminded me of the stupid vet that put his arm in what he thought was a drugged up croc...

Now I knew the odd smart but dumb vet when I was at Massey but none would ever have been so stupid.

Those mates joined the army.

Jump In

So the Frankie who does the Bungie website stuff has a wonderful turn of phrase when he aint refering to his mad skilz.

He’s describing a game of Halo matchmaking...

“So we flipped it around. We started poorly. They crushed us gently for a bit, like a refrigerator door on a bunny rabbit's head, but we wrestled our way out, and attacked, Night of the Lepus-style. We did what you do on Ivory Tower. We held the high ground, like that emo kid didn't from Revenge of the Sith.”
I could hear them crying below, like orphans in the rain, outside the window of a mansion. We didn't even toss them our crusts. Every now and then, a pale-faced, dirty guttersnipe would pop his hydrocephalic head around the corner, and we would put it out of its misery. Revenge is a dish best served awesome.”

Things to consider:

Why would you bang a fridge on a bunny’s head? You might damage the fridge and your beer will go cold.
What’s with the Killer Rabits? Go see the Sheep movie !
That emo kid from RoTS. That’s genius.
Orphans in the rain. They do that? Wouldn’t their card board boxes get wet?
Hydrocephalic? Yeah, I looked it up too.

FYI I think the Emo’s in Manners Mall might be breeding like Lepus.
Jesus Wept

Tab Energy vs Horse Piss: what would you drink?

Hey B'arches, some cricket for ya.

Brian Lara, has announced he’s done carrying the West Indies cricket team and is putting away his wicked willow.

"I've given this extensive consideration and on Saturday I will be bidding farewell to international cricket as a player"

We knew it was coming still its kinda sad.

The one time I saw Lara play was his last Basin Reserve test - as stolen from an earlier post

…raced home for the cricket to see Brian Lara bat. He came in to generous applause. Hit a run. Cheeky applause for not getting out. The he does. Instead of a crowd cheer for the wicket in unison we groaned as one. It sounded like we had nearly got the G spot nudged only to have a bucket of cold water thrown in our face. Crowd then gives generous applause, such the batting brilliance of the man. As he walked off he kindly acknowledged the crowd. It was kinda cool. Bittersweet. I suspect the Windies could have thrown in Lara Flynn Boyle and she would have scored more runs.

So he retires with both the first class and test highest scores. Cricinfo quotes him after scoring the then highest test score of 375, "I'm only 24, and I must try my best to keep going and to improve. I will be aiming to beat my record, and I think I can do it one day." Which eventually he did. I lazily borrow from cric infro again "He became the first man to break the 400-run barrier. It came against England. Six months earlier, Matthew Hayden had scored 380 against Zimbabwe to break Lara's 375 against England but Lara became the only man to reclaim the Test record score."

I'll think of him as a nice guy who was pretty darn good unlike say Ricky Ponting who is just a wanker.

Short and Sweet

I have been neglecting the Cricket World Cup. Luckily Dick has not.

Dear Bungie

Dear Bungie,

Halo Universe Rules the Ruler

But WTF does "Purchase failed. You will not be charged for this transaction. Please try again later." mean?

Hmmm? My credit card details are correct cos I just bought some MS Points....

Some one help out a halo 2 fan ? I WANT THE MAPS I WANT I WANT I WANT!!!!



I used a real credit card and not a NZ Post 'Prezzy Card' (the new prepay, Jimmy) and am now downloading the maps.. Could use the Prezzy card to buy MS Points but that was it...

Two issues: What a fucking waste of time getting the prepay card and paying a 5 dollar service fee... the other Bungie said "This can also be a debit or Visa (or similar) gift card, however, some restrictions may apply." Well what the fuck were they and why didn't they say hmmn?

Update on the Update: Oh I can't stay mad at you guys, u are the bomb wit ur Halo stuff. Jaybee hates you buts that's for another day.


Angela's Ashes

I’m not a slave to your gods that don’t exist
Don’t believe a man called Jesus could let it come to this
One dead in the head and another 32 just dead

I’m not a slave to a world that doesn’t give a damn
about Manson’s rock and roll band
You want a tragedy? It’s all too common
I’ll misbehave as I see fit
I’ll rant and rave only if you give a shit

Moses lead some people through the water but god want let them drink
Newsflash: Nick Cage threw up in the kitchen sink

If the world is Allah’s Ashtray
Then my credit card’s gonna have to pay pay and pay
I’m a slave to the currency of consumer control
I buy what’s witty, what’s droll
I didn’t vote for Bob Dole

I get by with a little help from my friends

In light of the Axl Rose and his cover band coming to town I have ressurected The Spaghetti Incident....

Check out The Spaghetti Incident? on Google Plus

He aint heavy

DWJR strikes again.

Yep, it's made with bits of real panther, so you know it's good

I have this really weird desire to individually post every line of dialogue from Will Ferrel's Anchorman. Though it would be a change from cricket all the time I am too lazy however so lets just pretend I did.

You can, if you wish, leave your fave line in the comments, because constant reader, your sex panther turns me on!

Get out bed around 9

Craig Macca you fukcing legend.

So the Black Caps beat South Africa again in a world cup to secure a place in the Semi. Fingers crossed its not against Australia.

Scotty Styrus is in the form of his life 5 half centries in the tourney so far. Just as well I put 5 bucks @ $12 on him at the TAB last week to score the most runs in the tournament - he's second on the list at the mo - so looking good there...

Took a multibet on the Super 14 and the bloody blues lose...

I get up around 7

So Sri Lankia beat us fair and square, no complaints. Its possibly a good time to lose actually - the more you win in a row the more likey you are to lose when you need win if you follow my drift.

GNR is coming. Do you know where the fuck you are? you're in the jungle baby, wake up, time to die!!! If they don't play Mr Brownstone I'm gonna start a riot that even Dave Dobbyn would be proud of. Looking forward to seeing Robyn Finck play again. Shred it, b'arch!

I arrived at work to find a bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin on my chair. Bonza as old Joe was once fond of saying. My other fave granddadism was praygo daygo - think italian and you'll get there.

Jeez is it beer o'clock already?!

Hey Mr Tally Mon

What the phuck is it with these banana skins? More like giant killers. Chippy lil buggers. Works for me...

No string guitar

No string guitar

I’m riding a dead horse
No strings on my guitar
I’ve come so far
Without guilt or remorse

I’ve got tar on my feet
And I’ve lost the back beat
Here I am now
Entertain me

I’ll snort Keith Richard’s ashes
If it would make you cry
If only to see rock and roll die
Lightning crashes all over you and all over me

If only

This is it baby, hold me
The horse won’t drink the water
So I drank the whiskey and ran off with her daughter

Cover me
Cover me

I’m the one but not the same
I’m three because, oops I did it again
Hit me baby
One more time

We don't like cricket, we love it!

Black Caps: More charisma than a well hung horse.

Ashburton Man disagrees with The Master Blaster

Tom Scott: on form

Coldplay: Do they suck at cricket?

Scotty Styrus eats a whole big pig.

And good all cricinfo, mofo


I'm sick of this blogging shit. I'm done.

This city's got big buildings.

I like food.