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Jimmy Janglez Needs Paracetamolz. Lolz.

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Happy birthday dave !

That man deserves a DB!?

It's not how we're drinking, it's Howlett we're drinking

doug howlett drinking joke

Remember when Douggie Howlett scored that last minute try against South Africa? Lucky eh? Still you gotta feel for the guy - All Blacks going out in the quarter final like that, so he missed his chance at World Cup glory. I'd get smashed and try and make love to a car too.

How good is Thom Yorke’s album, The Eraser?

Its very good. Very, as in you really should download it. Not the Petshop Boys kind of very

The Right Stuff

A guest post by Manfred the Manatee.

The Right Stuff
After I had 2 separate people recommend this book/film I decided to rent it out the movie. I couldn’t see it under the 'drama' section at Amalgamated Video so decided the spotty counter guy (or 'S.C.G') if they had it:

M.T.M Excuse me do you have a film called 'The Right Stuff'

S.C.G Never heard of it...'the right stuff' snort

M.T.M Er...I think it won some Oscars

SCG Sigh, FINE, Ill look it up (tap tap tap) oh look we do have it 'The Right Stuff' no wonder I'd never heard of it its in (snort) scifi

M.T.M Um, its not a sci fi movie

SCG The computer says its in sci fi (gestures at screen)

M.T.M Its about the American space program...

SCG.. So it is sci fi

M.T.M (getting annoyed) Its uh... the history of the space program

SCG But there are spaceships in it

M.T.M Yeah...

SCG So its spaceships and UFOS and robots. Space $hit. So its SciFi!!!

M.T.M (deciding not to press a definitional issue)...ok Ill go get

It from sci fi

SCG Yeah, I wondered why Id never heard of it, I’m not into geek


M.T.M (grinds teeth hard)

My wife spent half an hour calming me down at home while I railed on about insults to both sci fi devotees and Buzz Aldrin.

Q&A with Jimmy Jangles

Question: If David Gilmour had his hands chopped off by the three blind mice (who presumably were high on a 3 day P fuelled, knife stealing bender) and was thus unable to play for Pink Floyd who should replace him?

Answer: Mike Oldfield.


Question: It’s your recurring nightmare that you wake up to suddenly find yourself as the last act, on the main stage, BDO with a guitar in hand and an amp turned to 11. What crowd pleasing cover do you play?

Answer: About a Girl, Nirvana (first recorded version).


Question: Anthony Keidis calls you up and says ’you dude I’m got this nasty rhyme I can’t finish, can you help? It goes ‘I was drunk and out, so got me a ho’.

Answer: She turned about to be a bro.


Questions: You’ve been asked to keep Billy Joel sober for the day before he plays a big comeback gig in Flaxmere. How do you keep him sober?

Answer: Flaxmere? The man would need to be drunk to play there!


Question: You are fighting with your stupid younger brother about playing with Optimus Prime and the rest of your transformers. Your dad, wanting to get back to the Shield match, makes you choose one toy to let your sibling play with. Which Transformer do you give him? Optimus Prime or Megatron?

Answer: You give him your GI Joe.