I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with J

Jackel for target practice on The Pit...

For Halo 3 Fans there's a vid of it in my file share

Of course I am slow as a dinobot and its already been found here

Blackcaps: might beat Bangladesh

Could we suck even more than this ?

Unions: Suck

Unions just suck.

How about we get more:

Skilled People
Productive People
Efficient People
Can Do People
I work for my money People

Shortland Street Murder is Ricky Ponting

So like me and Bazza went to the Feathers to watch the cricket. We had a good start, some cold Steinlagers were offered up first which caught the Aussies off guard. And then we watched the Black Caps do fairly well before bloody old Ponting got another bloody century against us ...

So like the Shortland Street killer is Joey? My reasoning for him (among others) a while back was this:

Joey crimanally sang that air new zealand tv add song about being there or someshit. He was in that movie The Locals. He previous had a bit part on Shortland Street. So clearly he has a record of henious crimes under his belt. He likes to be proactive and take risks at work. He's learning new procedures. Clare used him. His mummy hit him with wire coathangers. His daddy read him Cinderalla every night till he was 12. He meets the criteria of serial killers being good looking. What's his alibi eh? For the last one he was with Kerian... so its a Scream ending - two killers!!!

And it appears he is but it was such a letdown...cos he's such just so lame... now is this choice consistant with all the clues and things they have left? Well in parts yes - he was trying to be a doctor and failed, he was trying to learn off Kip D, he sort of meets the height criteria for the murderer of Brenda.. so I guess we have to accept they got the consistancy right...

The days run away like horses over the hills

Top underrated U2 songs that should be rated higher than a rates demand from the council or rather some of Jimmy’s fave songs by U2.

Please, from the album Popmart.

Popmart is probably Bono’s best effort lyrically. With word plays on Michael Jackson being history over Jackson’s own HIStory pun, the blind leading the blonde and the line from Please “Your Catholic blues, Your convent shoes” pretty much summing up Bono’s eternal search for his place and pace in the world this song was depressing yet uplifting at the same time. Edge’s solo (esp in live recordings) was up there with his best.

Dirty Day
, Zooropa

“These days, days, days run away like horses over the hills” being sung over and over at the end always remind me that I never have enough time to do what ever it is I wanted do. This song did make me go see a documentary on the guy it was dedicated to, the author Charles Bukowski and read some of his books. So if anything this song taught me it sux to be a drink alcoholic author who used to work in a post office. In fact I think Charlie boy actually went postal before the term was applied to the fine people at the US Postal Service.

Van Dieman’s Land, Rattle and Hum.

It has the Edge singing and he actually means it but you believe it too even though its about Aussie bastards?! It has good chord changes. Hmm have I said this before? Also was there actually any humming on the album? Ok Edge, play the blues.

In to the Heart
, Boy

I like this because of the outro from the prior song, An cat Dubh, becomes the into to this. Kind of a plodding but hypnotic bass riff with crisp Edge playing.

MLK, The Unforgettable Fire.

While the fire is a reference to atomic bombs being dropped in Japan (an early portent of How to dismantle an Atomic Bomb maybe?) the album seemed dedicated to two Kings – Elvis and Martin Luther King. The song is sung like a lullaby, actually encouraging sleep. While Bono’s politic rants and beseeches and besmirches of The Man might put the more jaded and cynical amongst us to sleep you can’t complain that this song does the same in a nice under the covers on a rainy day kind of way.

Beat on the Brat, cover of The Ramones, from the We’re a Happy Family Ramones Tribute Album.

Beat on the brat with a baseball bat. Yeah punk. U2 started out playing Ramone’s covers trying to pass them off as their own. Which is pretty much the music industry down pat these days. What can you do?

Pop bitch shares the lurve...

"I bought a teddy today for £5, named him
Mohammed then sold him on for £10. Question
is, have I made a prophet?"

A soldier's tale

A soldier’s tale

Behold a pale horse rode into town
Flooding my grave mind with a dangerous discourse,
A brutish roll call of sins of precious Prophets and our own failed fathers.

I raised my empty side arm and prepared to be fired.

Then out of the dark showdown stepped the Chief
‘This is our land, this is our only relief’
He edged closer and whispered to my burnt ear..


What I wantz for Christmas

So we have like Lego Star Wars, whenz we gonna get Lego Halo? Hmm? We wantz.