Oh well whatever, nevermind

Do u realize u have probably lived longer than kurdt d cobain ?

But where's your heart ?

Does the cocoa cola company own it ?

Are u moving towards a sustainable practice ?

Either way store your heart in a cool place

And watch out for emo kids

Chinese Democracy is out November 23 2008

The 14 year wait for GNR's Chinese Democracy is apparently to be soon over. It's going to drop November 23 in America, two days later.

Two things will happen. It will sell boat loads in the first week as every thirty something old who knows the lyrics to Sweet Child of Mine will buy it and copy it and share it with their friends.

There will probably be a critical back lash too, even if its good. If its a Dookie, those who have bitched for years will be well happy.

Here's the Chinese Democracy Lyrics

Basically it will be like Oasis' Be Here Now album...

Chinese Democracy will probably not break out in China, nor will it's inhabitants get the joke....

Oasis 'Dig Out Your Soul' Album is Out Now!

Oasis - Dig Out Your Soul album released

The seventh Oasis studio album, Dig Out Yout Soul, features 11 new songs including the hit single 'The Shock Of The Lightning', plus 'Falling Down' & 'I'm Outta Time'.

The album can be purchased as a Special Edition CD with bonus DVD featuring exclusive behind the scenes making Dig out Your Soul and 'The Shock Of The Lighting' video.

For the 'rare' limited edition box set including nine bonus Oasis tracks, go here.

The album is also available digitally on the interwebz from Oasisinet and iTunes and comes with the behind the scene making of Dig Out Your Soul documentary.

Click on the link for information on the free Oasis music notiation.

Aren't the butterflies cute?

oasis dig out your soul album release