Someone on the bus smells like cat food that has been left out in the
sun. Or maybe their colongne just reeks.

Don't Feed the Leader!

So like I have a new term for Halo 3.  "Don't Feed the Leader".

Do you ever find in a game of Lone Wolves that you are dueling with the match's leader? You know he's 4 ranks higher than, you showing off his 2000 EXP points  and his spartan armour is pink, just to piss you off. He's better than you and he owns you. 

halo 3 pink spartan needler

So why do you inevitably deign to tangle with him the whole game? Do you have a Death Wish that only Bronson Pierce could give you? Do like pink on a Spartan? Let JJ give you some friendly advice, "STOP FEEDING THE LEADER!"

If you see a Pink Needler you run right? So run when you see the hungry pink leader. Like the Tigers at the Zoo, don't feed the leader! Go pick on someone your own size....

Oh well whatever, nevermind

Do u realize u have probably lived longer than kurdt d cobain ?

But where's your heart ?

Does the cocoa cola company own it ?

Are u moving towards a sustainable practice ?

Either way store your heart in a cool place

And watch out for emo kids

Chinese Democracy is out November 23 2008

The 14 year wait for GNR's Chinese Democracy is apparently to be soon over. It's going to drop November 23 in America, two days later.

Two things will happen. It will sell boat loads in the first week as every thirty something old who knows the lyrics to Sweet Child of Mine will buy it and copy it and share it with their friends.

There will probably be a critical back lash too, even if its good. If its a Dookie, those who have bitched for years will be well happy.

Here's the Chinese Democracy Lyrics

Basically it will be like Oasis' Be Here Now album...

Chinese Democracy will probably not break out in China, nor will it's inhabitants get the joke....

I Can Haz Halo3: Recon?

Note: this game was renamed Halo 3: ODST shortly after this announcement was made.

The Brilliant Boys of the Bungie Brigade have finally announced the title of its new Halo adventure: Halo 3 Recon.

This was announced at the Tokyo Game Show on October 9, 2008 and the reveal included a release date of "Fall, 2009".. so a year away...

halo 3 recon game bungie xbox OSDT

X Box Live explains that the Halo 3: Recon campaign "is an intriguing side story that takes place during the terrifying events leading up to the Master Chief’s return to New Mombasa in Halo 3." So basically it’s a prequel!

My pick is the the Master Chief will possibly turn up at the end of the game…UPDATE: WRONG!

The game is played from the point of view of a special forces Orbital Drop Shock Trooper. These guys have turned up in the Halo series from time to time.

ODSTs are known in the Halo universe as the fiercest UNSC soldiers. While not as large or supernaturally gifted as Spartan’s like the Master Chief, these "Hell Jumpers" more than compensate with their ferocious attitudes and unwavering nerve.

This is Bungie’s Halo 3: Recon Site. Note the "whvidldshbyjsdo" Mr Wu suggests it’s an acronym to be solved. I’m picking it’s something to do with the ODST’s name (and not an anagram as I originally thought).
Halo 3: Recon will also have a multiplayer function with maps and forge. There will also be Campaign Scoring, and four-player co-op. So it looks like Bungie is prepared to cannibalise from Halo 3’s own successful matching making platform. It will be an intriguing match up.
Here's Bungie's trailer for Halo 3: Recon

Update: Has anyone solved the "whvidldshbyjsdo" anacronym yet?

I got an idea...

"Who has vested interests destroying little dogs shedding haubusa helmets by jelly sandwhiches dangerously outside?"

Update 2: Need help with your Firefight survival strategy? Buggers getting you down? Check out my Ultimate Guide to Surviving Halo ODST Firefight!

Want news on Halo Reach?

This keeps me awake at night

If Billy Bailey really wanted Mama to get out of the kitchen why did he ask her to rattle the pots and pans?

Oasis 'Dig Out Your Soul' Album is Out Now!

Oasis - Dig Out Your Soul album released

The seventh Oasis studio album, Dig Out Yout Soul, features 11 new songs including the hit single 'The Shock Of The Lightning', plus 'Falling Down' & 'I'm Outta Time'.

The album can be purchased as a Special Edition CD with bonus DVD featuring exclusive behind the scenes making Dig out Your Soul and 'The Shock Of The Lighting' video.

For the 'rare' limited edition box set including nine bonus Oasis tracks, go here.

The album is also available digitally on the interwebz from Oasisinet and iTunes and comes with the behind the scene making of Dig Out Your Soul documentary.

Click on the link for information on the free Oasis music notiation.

Aren't the butterflies cute?

oasis dig out your soul album release

How you like my Halo 3 Killtacular?

So like this post is for Halo 3 nuttters only...

Triple Kills are rare but nice. Overkills are like hen's teeth. Killtaculars are like find gold in them there far hills.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I (Jimmy Janglez) nailed a legitimate Killtacular, two killing frenzys, an overkill, three triple kills, six double kills and an Extermination to put the boot in (killing all 5 players on the opposite team in one go) on this game of One Bomb on The Pit

halo 3 killtacular extermination jimmy janglez social skirmish extermination

Here's the killtacular and extermination video for those with the Halo 3 game and and Xbox 360.

Admittedly it was a bunch of complete Halo 3 noobs so I probably shouldn't even begin to brag but I'd had two Chardonnays and just driven from Hastings to Wellington so it wasn't a complete mismatch....hell it was a killtacular baby! Go the Master Chief!

Shame the game wasn't on a Legendary Map so I could have gotten some of those nice new Halo achievement points...

Anyone up for discussing why Halo 3 is better than sex?