I went to Hastings

It appeared shut and I stubbed my toe kicking the light switch out.

Trent Reznor Told Me

That every day was exactly the same.

But I don't believe him.

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Key word of the xmas break: xbox 360 cache clear

So like it appears plenty of xbox 360 and game were given as Xmas presents as plenty of searches for how to clear the cache of the xbox are being made on The Optimus Prime Experiment daily.

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Stop! Hammer Time

Awesome day in sunny hawkes bay, sux to be you Auckland or Palestine. Went to a rose garden and ate some pie. Went to a wedding, saw people I haven't seen since I was 12. Going to eat some more ham. It's hammer time! Jealous? Muchmay bray !

GNR to release The Spaghetti Incident Volume Two

Following the lower than expected sales of the new Guns N Roses album, Chinese Democracy, GNR front man Axl Rose announced on the MyGNRForum.comwebsite that he would be releasing The Spaghetti Incident? Volume Two as an itunes only release. The album will feature tracks leftover from the original The Spaghetti Incident? sessions and a new cover of the Eurythmics 'Sweet Dreams'.

Axl stated "I've realised that only the die hard fans have bought Chinese Democracy out of respect for my abundant talents as a producer. The release of The Spaghetti Incident? Volume Two is a signal to to the broader fan base that I'm heading back to what made Guns N Roses famous in the first place - namely covers of bands that were popular in the 1980s. With respect to the Eurythmics song 'Sweet Dreams' , I figure if it worked for Marilyn Manson it should work for me. My braids are just as scary as him, if not more."

Other tracks on the album include the little known Gilby Clarke acoustic version of Duran Duran's 'Rio' and an alt rock version of Warrant's Cheery Pie. No Charles Manson songs are to be included this time round with Axl saying his intentions were pure last time but that he was like Pink and simply "Mizzunderstood"

Former Guns and Roses member Izzy Straddlin is said to be unconcerned that he does not appear on any on the songs despite his long term committment to the band. "If Axl wants to play covers again, that's cool with me, I'm just going to tour my solo album in France and then maybe hit the studio with Axl in the fall."

Slash could not be reached for comment after apparently suffering a bizzare trouser snake accident while holdiday in Tahiti.

H/T : The Spaghetti Incident?

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