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Celebrity Twitters: The new stalking ground

The Twitter revolution continues unabated. It’s becoming a house hold name, indeed to Twit is to human...err. Twitter has the strength to bring down the Great Walls of Berlin and China. It voted Barrack Obama into Office. It’s bigger than Face Book if you believe the hype.

So what does that leave us? Celebrity Twitters! We, the adoring twittersfolk, adore the Celebrity Twitterarti. Celebrity Twitters are the new stalking ground.

Here's a tasty selection, feel free to stalk em all!

Britney Spear’s paparazzi have nothing on the 30,000 twitterers stalking the lady that shaved her head in honour of O’Conner. Britney is in the Twitterati Elite. And she gives updates on when she last had a massage. And furniture, bless.

Another celebrity newbie to Twitter is Mrs Kutcher. You may know her as GI Jane from Ghost, Demi Moore. If you have an indecent proposal for her involving Woody, feel free to stalk her along with her 5000 other followers.

russel brand picture Tweet this, Georgina....

Russel Brand – Britain’s’ Favourite Celebrity Actor / Radio show larrikin jumped on board and got like 8000 followers in a day. Tales of his cat milking him abound. You have been warned.
Will the real Shaquille O’Neil stand up? After a faker being exposed The Real Shaque took to the stand and twittered eloquent rhapsody such as "The measure of a man is not were he lives but how he lives Shaquille oneal"

British Actor and writer Stephen Fry is the juggernaught of Twitter with 80,000 celebrity stalkers. Knows his place in the universe "Just finished a scene. Sean Penn has nothing to fear". For the record I’d never stalk Sean Penn. Madonna maybe for Kabbalah inspiration, but not Sean Penn.

Stop. It’s Twitter Time! Please Hammer, Don’t hurt ‘em as you be" Celebrating Our Women !!! What can I celebrate about you as a Woman ?"

If you want to follow a stripper turned Oscar winner, Juno scribe, Diablo Cody is the emo lady for you. 10,000 people who wish their hair was emo follow her.

Who knows which other celebrities will jump on board. Just be assured when they do, Twitterati is gonna need a bigger boat.

A joke about JM Keynes

Professor JM Keynes walks into a bar, buys a beer then demands his economy back.

Think about it ... ah the dismal science.

F(x) = sin(x)

 The ultimate maths joke for all the calculus freaks out there... 

F(x)= sin(x) walks into a restaurant and orders some soup. The waiter replies, "Sorry but we don't cater for functions here.

Ba doom doom dish!

Thanks Juha

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Bloody Cute Kitten

Ok Internet, here's another bloody cute kitten picture....

cute bloody kitten

No, we did not get a kitten, though someone tried very hard to get one....

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Te Papa's Colossal Squid is a bigger than Jesse Ryder

So like today Jay Bee and I went to visit the Colossal Squid that has taken up residence as Te Papa Museum. This squid caught the nation's attention when it was first caught, frozen and subsequently thawed for scientific examination.

Weighing at a Jesse Ryder esk 490 kilos, the Colossal Squid looks like something out of an Alien movie:

colossal squid te papa musuem wellington new zealand

You can see that it is missing its eye which adds to the scary appeal. Te Papa  wrote on its web site: "In the collapsed state the eyes have been found, they measure 25 cm across, but in the living animal they are probably larger, up to around 30 cm in diameter. These are without doubt the largest eyes that have ever been studied (and probably among the largest eyes that have existed during the history of the animal kingdom)."

I wonder if some kind of dinosaur may have had bigger? Regardless this squid seems a part of the dinosaur era. I guess when you tell a hungry squid his eyes are as bigger as dinner plates, its true.

Squiddy, as I named her, is a pretty popular attraction at Te Papa, there were queues to see her! Who queues at a museum? 

Jay Bee and her new friend, Squiddy:

colossal squid <span class=

Everyone round town has been saying "have you seen the giant squid yet? Go see the giant squid!" And so my idea of the squid was framed as being a giant squid. It's actually a colossal squid. Giant Squid are a whole different kind of squid...

This is what Squiddy looked like post thawing before scientists shoved cameras and what not up her calamari:

colossal squid te papa new zealand

Extra for Experts:

Squid Facts by some scientists and not an excited blogger...

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Picture of 2009 Already? Caine Stevens Bitten by a Dog

So like it's only 9 days into 2009 but is this the picture of the year 2009?

dog bite caine stevens picture photo
According to Stuff, this poor fellow, who after being already warned for inappropriate touching, grabbed the testicals of a dog and got what was coming...

Regardless of the circumstances, I think its a great photo because the contrast of the black  background and child's white face really emphasises what Caine is probably feeling. The photo also shows a concerned mother, with the metal face implants and mohawk haircut hinting perhaps at the circumstances of family.

The photo was taken by Iain McGregor for the Waikato Times

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Summer Days, Happen So Fast

Last day of holidays'... Jimmy is not so happy about this but has popcorn and 15 DVDs purchased at the Warehouse to watch...

Convinced Jay Bee to watch Star Wars for the first time ever... she found R2D2 cute...


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