Dark of the Moon Promotional Poster Transformers

Dark of the Moon featuring Optimus Prime, Sam and Carly
Check out this awesome promotional poster for the new Transformers movie. Dark of the Moon which willl be released on 1 July. Judging from the latest trailer, DOTM is going to be an epic movie, featuring attacks on Earth cities and a pretty evil looking Shockwave as the main antagonist. Here's some quotes from the movie trailers.

Extra for Experts: Here's a screenshot of Bumblebee from the trailer:


Cosplay: It's a sin

Sometimes I think the only time people go to Comic Con type events and other Gaming Conventions is to have a decent perv at all the hot babes that like to wear skimpy out fits - Cosplay gives those hotties the chance to flaunt their breasts and legs in public and get away with it.

And you know what?

We're not complaining and neither should you.

So for your viewing pleasure, Gears of Halo has done the hard yards for you and found the top ten sexiest cos players ever. Feel free to agree or disagree but I'm sure can all see from these pictures, the world owes sexy cos play players a big thank you.