Dark of the Moon Promotional Poster Transformers

Dark of the Moon featuring Optimus Prime, Sam and Carly
Check out this awesome promotional poster for the new Transformers movie. Dark of the Moon which willl be released on 1 July. Judging from the latest trailer, DOTM is going to be an epic movie, featuring attacks on Earth cities and a pretty evil looking Shockwave as the main antagonist. Here's some quotes from the movie trailers.

Extra for Experts: Here's a screenshot of Bumblebee from the trailer:


There's a new TF trailer in town...

I've had a great week, the wife was away saving the planet so I watched both the Bay directed TF films and happily enough the new Dark of the Moon trailer was released. Check it out in it's full robot glory:

Gears of Halo News Round Up


So like I thought the day before the Easter Holidays would be a good chance to do a bit of a round up on some of the news that's been happening in the world of gaming in the last little while. 

Talk of the town this week has been how awesome Portal 2 is. Kotaku raved about it and so the Bellingham Herald. What an awesome name for a newspaper!

But what did Gears of Halo readers do? They came for the cosplay. They seem to have a major crush on the voluptuous Power Girl. As I suspected, the Green Lantern cosplay was pretty popular, as was Bat Girl. 

People still keep asking the question, Is Noble Six the Master Chief? In a word, NO HE ISN'T!!!!

In the Bungie space, Marty O'Donnell talked about how Bungie wanted to be like Blizzard. He also kindly released to the internet wilderness some piano tracks from Halo: Reach. Go have a listen, they are haunting pieces of music. 

Hopping though a relay into the Mass Effect Universe, the vexed issue about what happens post saving the universe was discussed as was why the female Commander Sheppard does not appear in the marketing for ME3. Apparently it's because she's too sexy. It makes sense as I'm actually too sexy for this blog. 

Mass Effect's producers also saw fit to give IGN an insight into how Legion's voice was created for the game. You may recall the recent ME3 news that confirmed his in game appearance...

Another big thing happened this week, the Gears of War 3 beta went live and by most accounts, the multiplayer element of the game will be a vastly superior to GOW2. Any one wanna send me a code? PALEZE?  I doubt it will be as awesome as Halo 2 ever was..... it was also possible the achievements for Gears 3 were leaked to the internet. Question, if the internet is so leaky, why don't they fix it?

So what are you doing for Easter? I trust it involves an Xbox or a Play Station of some kind!

Cosplay: It's a sin

Sometimes I think the only time people go to Comic Con type events and other Gaming Conventions is to have a decent perv at all the hot babes that like to wear skimpy out fits - Cosplay gives those hotties the chance to flaunt their breasts and legs in public and get away with it. And you know what? We're not complaining and neither should you.

So for your viewing pleasure, Gears of Halo has done the hard yards for you and found the top ten sexiest cos players ever. Feel free to agree or disagree but I'm sure can all see from these pictures, the world owes sexy cos play players a big thank you.

Sexy BumbleBee Cos Play Costume - Is this allowed?

So like I found this cos play of a very sexy Bumble costume at Gears of Halo. Is it right that Bumblebee looks this good? It's kind of conflicting. What do you think? God, I hope it's not a tranny Transformer.