How DO you dismantle an atomic bomb?

How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb (Deluxe) U2 have dropped their little boy ‘How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb’. Being a huge U2 fan this review is gonna be as biased as a one-eyed Auckland Referee refereeing Auckland.

So like this morning E rings me at work circa 9am and asks “Jimmy, what’s it like?” and I’m like “Shit I forgot to go buy it”. So I went and did.

Got the tres flash looking DVD version with colour book because I was excited. The pictures in the book are utter shite by the way. NE way you don’t really care about that do you? Tell us about the music JJ! Still, I shall persist because if you have got this far, well, you deserve a DB. Actually to be honest I find the red and black colours dam ugly. And that Ipod they put out…..

So its pretty dam bloody good musically. It's kinda ‘Joshua Tree’ old school U2 mixed with the ‘All You Cant Leave Behind’ vibe. Stand out songs are Vertigo, City of Blinding Lights and All Because of You. They are all fast paced so that’s me happy! The Edge has his infinite guitar or whatever going perfectly. Hell he prob did use the same gear from the Joshua tree album - some of it sounds the same. This is a good thing.

Haven’t really got into the words yet, that usually comes later. I think Pop was a brilliant album just for its lyrics. The ‘blind leading the blonde’ from the Angels song line is great.

I’m curious as to what would have happened to world history if U2 had of dropped the album in 1945 before the first atomic bomb was dropped on Japan. Maybe if the people of Hiroshima had of got a copy first they could have dismantled the bomb Einstein and his mates dropped on them? Their mates in Nagasaki could have burnt a copy too. (Remember though the Burn and Get Burnt campaign so that could potentially backfire.)

I wonder too, what Dr Strangelove would say about all this?

FYI - The answer to the question at the top according to Bono is ...‘With Love’.

Dam hippies.

Update: Check out what I thought of the follow up album, No Line on the Horizon and the lyrics to Songs of Experience.

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