REM Concert review from New Plymouth, NZ 28 March 2005

Finally I was at an REM concert! They opened with 'I took your name' from Monster and then cranked it! Stipe was manic contrasted with Buck's restrain. Mills was Mills. Brilliant.

Bad Day, Animal. I got my fill on Orange Crush. An aborted I'll take the Rain became CCR's Have you ever seen the rain? It seemed spontaneous but I bet they pull that trick whenver it rains.

I was amping. I was dancing. I was singing. Losing my Religion helped by heart soar to new heights. That song was up there with seeing Live do 'Lightning Crashes' and Oasis do 'Wonderwall'.

Walk Unafraid was a highlight for me too.

You knew you were at an REM concert when the arpeggio notes of Everybody Hurts chimed in. Utterly Amazing. Stipe sounded sang so close to that as he did on the album version. It was beautiful.

The oddest thing was at one stage I started thinking of Minority Report when Tom Cruise drinks the sour milk. Weird. But ne way, Moving on to Man on the Moon, and the WTK? and Nightswiming just rounded off a great concert experience.

The sound and venue were brilliant too.

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