Though plain to some folk
His folk crossed the cotton plains
Singing songs of a white man's fallen dreams
And a blackman's haunted screams

All he had was three chords and the truth
So he sang for the convicted when there was no guilty proof
And when the crowds did come and applause
The claps and the cheers lifted the roof

When hewas channelin' Chaplin
And spouting like Thomas
His songs come upon us
With wise words of livin'

I'll Have A Bacardi And Coke Please Myfannwy

So like I've been trying to get my sticky fingers on 10 grand the easy way by consuming the liquid offerings of the world's worst teeth rotting, nail rusting, sugar craving sating brand, Coke. 

Or rather Diet Coke. 

Diet Coke is offering 10 grand on a credit card instantly if u find the right bottle cap

I figure I've drank more diet coke in the last week than Steinlager beer trying to win. Which is kinda hard to believe really…

Obviously I haven't won the 10 grand. I wouldn't be sitting here if I had. 

I'd be drinking Steinlager at the Feathers if I had. 

I type lots don't I?

So like are there other people out there who have switched from the  supersaturated with white death products of Coke and V products (me) to Diet Coke in the hope of a small matter of 10K like me? 

And if so is the reduction in sugar making me/them more healthy? Is Coke and my/NZers greed to win 10K ironically making us skinnier and therefore healthier? 

If so real real Coke should be banned. 

Or taxed. Hey! That's a great idea 

Jimmy - lets tax all food that's bad for us....... *

That is of course only true if drinking diet coke is good for you in the first place. I have my doubts.

My usual breakfast is a V, and bless Frucor, its packed with 190kJ per 100 ml serving. Or 11.2g of carbohydrates  per 100ml which is all sugar (I think). Who needs soggy weet-bix when u can suck down on a V or Coke.

 Today's nutritionless brekkie was Diet Coke, packing a pussy amount of 1.5kJ and 0.1g of carbs. Needless to say my intended effect of Diet Coke is shite and by 10am I went had had a proper teeth rotting V.

*Sarcasm intended to drip like a dog's mouth from that sentence.

We don't like cricket, oh no! We love it!

So some random comment leaver left a snide comment about cricket. Well, like the Empire did, I'm striking back with an observation on the game at hand .

The World XI batting line-up – is this best team ever assembled in terms of averages? 6 of them have averages of over 50. 5 of those are over 54. Nine players of that team have at least two centuries to their name for a total of 126 centuries between them. Has that ever happened before? I'd email The Numbers Guy at Cricinfo but well that would be just too tryhard...


Oh - what about having three triple test centurions playing the in same line-up together? Surely that's never happened b4??....


That man deserves a DB.

So like some smart* chick has been running round some town claiming to be Tana Umaga's sister and duping a taxi company into free rides. U can find the story on the NZ Herald site and a cool picture of a python with eyes bigger than his head. I'd link but it's a hassle apparently...


Ne ways – this impersonation reminded me of a feeble I attempted about 3 or 4  years ago. JJ Murphy's bar had recently opened in Cuba Street. The usual and then recent Wellington immigrants/suspects and  I were there, lagered up, aled and ginned up, as usual. Probably barred up as well but that's another story.


So iizatdabar about to order a drink and I spy with my lil eye a certain tasty beverage beginning with the letter S.


Says I "A steiny thanks, mate"


The Good Barkeep "Sorry mate, we don't sell that here, JJ Murphy's is a DB bar we cannot sell Steinlager or Lion Products by contract. How about a Celtic Red?"


Says I "Yes yous all do – their there" and I points at 'em.


GB "Oh those are the owner's….."


SI "Well I'm the owner's son!"


GB "Yeah? What's your name then?"


SI "Murphy!"


Slightly bemused GB "Piss off mate!!!!"


SI "I'll have a Celtic Red, then thanks"


And that's the story. I guess you had to be there.

*till she got caught.