She dreams in colour, she dreams in red

I was staring at the sun of my pc screen when I heard myself singing 'she dreams in colour, she dreams in red' and I thought – yep, that's one of my fave songs. So for ur listening pleasure here's a random list of some favourite songs. Its the usual suspects as you would expect.

Better Man                                Pearl Jam
Rocking Chair                            Oasis
Wonderwall                               Oasis
The Fly                                     U2
Country Feedback                     REM
Lightning Crashes                      Live
Losing my Religion                     REM
Where did you sleep last night? Nirvana
The best thing about them all is they have cool guitar chords amd changes - all fairly easy to play along to guitar karoke style. Except the Fly. I'll leave the fiddly bits to The Edge.....

Note: If you disagree with this most perfect of lists, I will come and trash your house, Talking Heads style.


His Whoreness said...

bring it and your stink taste in music, white boy!

Jimmy Jangles said...

Careful, I am a psycho killer, kessskeerrrsayyyyyy!!!

His Whoreness said...

oh you bet i can 'kess' whatcher sayin'!

oasis still suck