Well now, we got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper Sprout

So like I was wandering passed the Deluxe cafĂ© this morning (its by the Embassy Theatre) and I noted they were playing a Johnny Cash song. They being the 'Ukelele Orchestra'… so picture this - 8am at the coffee house and 7 ukeleles and one upright bass are punching out Jackson by The Man In Black.

They were singing along like it was a regular hootenanny (ooogga oogaa oggaa!) – it was quite a cordial chord chorus, they were 'off' as singers, though very enthusiastic, but put the musicians, coffee and the whole vibe together it was quite cool almost unreal errr…. almost surreal. The manager ? of the Deluxe was outside and told us they practiced every Thursday – so if ur about next week head on over for some coffee and Cash.


Oh funny story… oh wait she'll kill me if I tell…..

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