Where in the world is Penelope Barr?

Penelope Bar presenting the weather

Whatever happened to weather presenter Penelope Barr

Last I heard, Penelope married Johnny from Shortland Street but that collapsed like a weather bomb in the Waikato, Nu Zillan.

You see what I did there didn't you? Made a joke about Penelope being a weather presenter didn't I?

Penelope Barr
Penelope got up to some crazy adventures as a weather presenter, why once I recall she, she got comment that the weather would be fine and sunny for the Doctor Who convention being held in Auckland, Nu Zillan.

Penelope also helped host the much loved TV show,  In the Bag? with the great John Hawkesby.

What was in the bag was actually usually an old sock, Invercargill, but sometimes you'd get a nice new washing machine and everyone would go home happy that the sheets would be clean at Audrey's place.

Not that they were ever not clean at Audrey's place you understand, more that they would be cleaner.

Penelope Barr understood this of course and was well respected for it.

Turns our Penelope now works for Massey University as Head of External Relations.

Next on Jimmy Jangles: Where in the world is Steve Parr and Fenella ?

Lazy Lenin Licked Lentils Lovingly and Lavishly

It was that wise fellow Lenin said who once remarked that quantity has a quality of its own. I think he may have been referring to having the most marbles in the play ground being a good thing. Lenin did not like to share you see. He pretended he did, but he didn't.

Lenin was also fond of lentils. I have no idea why.

How many is a googillion?

Here's a thought on American Idol - that more people will vote over the current series of American Idol than will vote for Barrack Obama and John McCain in the American Presidential election.
As usual I do some inscrutable cabbage maths:
Every week 20 million people vote for David Cook or just happy to be there for the exposure wannabe. American Idol runs for like 20 years. Multiply that by the people voting for Ryan Seacrest and you get 5000 million billion votes for Idol.
America has an exact population of 199,999,007 people. If every single one of them voted for Obama or the dude that enjoyed 5 odd years at the Hanoi Hilton, you would only get 199,999,007 votes. Which is about 75 googillions short of what American Idol gets.
I know I'm write about this, Ben Stiller helped with the maths.
The policy implications are clear - Obama and McCain should have a sing off on the seasonal end of American Idol. The person with the most ring in votes can be President and have a generic well produced but with no memorable melody number one hit.

Do Not Read The Link In This Post

Man vs Clown delivers a genius post. I sincerely warn you, this is not safe for work, mothers, grandmothers, sisters or people with nervous disorders.

But it is extremely funny.