Nobody white washes Optimus Prime!

Reposting so this never happens again....

So like I love this picture of Optimus Prime. It's a throw up* piece that I found on the bottom of the steps on Hood Street Street.

optimus prime graffitti art stencil

As I wandered past it on Saturday I saw some dude was whitewashing the building next to the steps. Sensing the worse, I checked, and sure enouugh the whole wall of graffiti was gone. Just like nobody puts baby in the corner, nobody white washes Optimus Prime!

So here's my appeal - whoever did the stencil, please do it again!!!!

Disclaimer: Like the wise judge in Hastings, Jimmy Jangles does not endorse the practice of tagging on public and private property. Unless its Prime time.

* I learnt that term from watching Mu and the cool kids doing the business on Shortland Street. Not that I watch Shortland Street you understand.


His Whoreness said...

I don't know about getting the original guy to redo it in the same place but it could be arranged so a similar design appears elsewhere by the handiwork of someone else

Anonymous said...

the more the merrier. lets do the city. I was so depressed I went and bought three transformers t-shirts from Jay Jays for 30 bucks total.

His Whoreness said...

I'll have a word with my people

On another matter, no comment to make on the Racing Board's application for virtual racing at the TAB?

Jimmy Jangles said...

what the blerry ?