Is Luke Skywalker a Hero or Super Hero?

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Is Luke Skywalker a Hero or Super Hero? 

Che Tibby claimed on Twitter that the first superhero movie they ever saw was Star Wars. I begged to differ that Star Wars was a super hero film, as did other 
wise sages. Someone on the internet was wrong.

Who was it?

Skywalker as a Hero Claims

  • Rescued a princess from a giant space station, then blew it up like a whom prat back home or something.
  • Escaped from the lair of a furry snowman.
  • Defeated a Rancour with quick wit and an old skull.
Claims Against Luke Sky Walker being a Hero 
  • Actually failed to defeat the Emperor who was owning him till Daddy stopped the bullying.
  • Did not win the heart of the princess, and actually kissed his sister. And liked it.
princess leia gold bikini

You can see why Luke's feelings betrayed him...

Despite his 'Flowers in the Attic' issues by kissing his sister Leia, Luke seems to have done some heroic deeds. But is he Super?

Luke as a Super Hero Claims

  • Can read Darth Vader’s mind.
  • Sees dead people, who give him useful advice.
  • Able to do super leaps from industrial strength carbonite makers
  • Nearly lifted a X-Wing out of a swamp, can make golden robots fly.
  • In facing Vader, he caused the restoration of peace to the Galaxy.
Claims Against being a super hero

  • Wears his underpants on the inside, not outside like Superman.
The Verdict

Luke is probably a super hero even though he breaks Irvine’s immutable law about superheroes and underpants (thus further proving the worth of his super hero abilities).

However, no matter what Che Tibby might have you believe, Star Wars is not a superhero movie - It’s a space … opera odyssey. Rogue One's themes must convince you of this!

Check out some Star Wars cosplay which will put this argument to shame....


Anonymous said...

in the face of this superior argument i concede, and retract.

(actually... it was the space opera bit that sealed it).

a random point though. if luke were a superhero, so would darth be. he does where his undies on the outside.

JJ said...

Darth is a tragic super villan ...