Weta Work Shop: Confirmation Halo Chronicles is definitely on hold

So like I saw an interview with former Bungie Hero now Microsoft Champion, Frankie and it intrigued me with the short reference to Peter Jackson's take on the Halo franchise, Halo Chronicles
halo 3 chief

Frankie was asked about the progress of Halo Chronicles and gave this reply in response to a question:

"No let's just say that Weta makes awesome special effects and let's leave it at that".

I thought we needed a better answer so I sent a twitter to Weta Work Shop:

"@wetaworkshop Dear Peter Jackson's friends, how is the Halo game project coming along ?..."

I got this pretty free response:

"@jimmyjangles It's on hold - that's all we know. But thr R lots of cool projects coming out soon. District 9... Daybreakers... Avatar... :)"

So there you go, Halo Chronicles is on hold from a source in at least the same Wellington suburb as Peter Jackson's Wing Nut Films....

Avatar is the new James Cameron film so I'll be sure to check that out! District 9 is the new Neill Blomkamp Directed film - he was in line to direct the now defunct Halo movie. So indeed, as Weta said, cool projects coming soon - sci fi to boot!


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