What plot elements should Transformers 3 have?

What plot elements should Transformers 3 have?

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The first two transformer movies have been set on Earth where the good Autobots basically try and defend Sam and the humans from the evil Decepticons so to allow humanity their rights of freedom as being sentient beings. That's what makes humans being, you know.

Fights in forests with Optimus taking on Megatron, Starscream and that other dude are awesome enough but what we need now is interstellar space battles: Transformers 3's plot should take place in space as much as possible.

So what does one do in space? Visit planets. Visit home worlds like Cybertron. Learn about the origins a little more.

The third movie needs to have the Autobots searching for something they need to SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

In movie parlance, this is the McGuffin, a plot device to make things tick over to help solve the PROBLEM. Every film needs a McGuffin. For the first animated movie it was the Matrix of Autobot Leadership. The second had the All Spark, the third some kind of variant on the Leadership Matrix.

The Autobots should be looking for the The Key of Light in space, on a new planet or on Cybertron itself. In fact, let's call it The Key of Light!

But what is the Key of Light for? It solves the problem. And would the problem be? In the end there can only be one problem, and his name is UNICRON. The Shiva of the Universe. Destroyer of Worlds. The biggest bad ass robot there is:

So the threat would be that Unicron is going to destroy Earth / Cybertron / Solar System whatever. It's what will tie the whole plot together.

What should happen to Sam Witwicky? Well hopefully he gets lost in space along the way....

So basically what I'm saying is that the overall frame work of Transformers 3 should have the plot elements of Transformers: The Movie.

You could have the Megatron vs Prime battle but with the reverse result. Megatron dies defeated by Prime. For whatever reason his body is cast aside into space and is collected by Unicron, who then turns him into Galvatron as per the animated movie. At the end of the movie Prime kills Galvatron with a blade to the face after being betrayed by Star Scream. Classic move Starscream, classic move bro!

How do they deal with Unicron? A good old fashion Blitzkrieg. Just have all the Autobots and Decepticons unite to attack Unicron just as he is about to destroy Earth / Cybertron / Solar System.

As with all 2nd sequels, just throw the kitchen sink at the guy. Have the Aerial Bots, Predacons, Dinobots, Ultra Magnus, Soundwave and Shockwave, Blur, etc throw everying at Unicron. The Key of Light is finally used at the end of the fight. Unicron is taken out by a blast of light - and in referencing the animated movie, Unicron's red eye is blown out as the climax, the shards killing off a few decepticons while we're at it.

Sub plots could involve:
  • Earth's leaders handwringing about whether to launch nuclear missles into space at Unicron (they do, it fails miserably).
  • Sam have to rescue his new girlfriend from the Decepticons.
  • Bumblebee actually doing some scouting (or joke reference to the Boy Scouts).
  • Prime being tested by the Autobots for making bad decisions (the start of movie could have him make a bad call that gets like 3 autobots killed, Grim Lock could challenge for the Leadership).
  • Soundwave in robot form.
  • Space bridges between Earth and Cybertron.
  • You can have Hot Rod but none of this Rodimus Prime nonsense. Prime Lives!!
What do you think? Fly or Die? What do you want to see in Transformers 3?


Dominick said...

dude fuck yes that is what the second movie should have been with unicron and the matrix (btw wtf was up with the design of the matrix in the 2nd movie) space bridges and sam not being in it. my point u have the right idea. thats what im hoping for in the third movie.

p.s. if bay fucks up Unicron's look like he did to megatron in the last two movies im gonna be pissed off

Anonymous said...

whoa... megatron to me lookis like a evil ass in the new movies. WATCH YOUR MOUTH!

Anonymous said...

Id love to see wheeljack crop up with some wacky invention !

Anonymous said...

i like the idea but where do u go after that, i think u leave that for the final movie 4 or 5. i thought havin prime being lured into a final fight for earth with megatron would be changed into a decepticon,(something to do with jetfires spark) and have prime go on a killing spree and then the auto bots and military have to take him out and u see prime kill auotbots like iron ide his best and most loyal soldier.u could kill prime off or have him frozen until they find a way to fix him(next movie with unicron??) it would be dark but it would be fun to watch.

Jimmy Jangles said...

An evil Optimus Prime in the fashionof the evil superman in Superman III would be a totally interesting to explore.

Man, they should do a spin off movie with just the dinobots lost on a strange world somewhere. The climax would be them reaching earth.... hahhahah

Anonymous said...

Megatron should look more of the villain than he was in the second movie...I really miss Jazz even if Sideswipe was added...Having an evil Optimus makes me shrudder...

Anonymous said...

Hate to burst your bubble. But the AUTObots are 90% road oriented vehicles so you won't see any space battles. That's gaurenteed. What you might see is new planets. I'd love that. Although it kinda beats the whole human involvenment with the transformers...

How bout this one. Earth is on verge of destruction. And both aubots and humans are forced to depart. Autobots guide/join the humans on a new planet. One inhabbited by decepticons. And the plot is to establish stable living conditions for humans

Anonymous said...

I think that after megatron was severely damaged by optimus/jetfire, starscream should take over as the decepticon leader, while megatron secretly heals and then overthrows and kills starscream (sticking to G1's conflict between them). Also the twins should be killed by either megatron or starscream, they are weak and irritating.

Other characters that should be included are an aerial autobot (not breakaway but osprey maybe). Osprey is an autobot helicopter featured in some concept art. Also in concept art are an autobot frigate battleship and a decepticon nuclear submarine which I think would be good inclusions. No other autobots should be added as there are enough and they hardly ever die. If you count there 8 autobots remaing from the last film and only 3 decepticons.

The dinobots shouldn't be included as they don't fit in with any credible story or with earth's surroundings.

Despite unicron's appeal he can't be used as he's too large and takes the story away from earth and the people(actors). Also in the G1 comics he was destroyed with matrix of leadership which was destroyed with the harvester.

There should also be more fight scenes, the ones in transformers 2 were excellent but there should be a few more. Also we should see more of ironhide, sideswipe, jolt and the other autobots while still having alot of optimus.

Essentially transformers 3 should be grudge match between megatron and optimus. After megatron kills stascream (see above) he should rally more decepticons and go back to earth bent on the destruction of it and the autobots.

Unknown said...

an early draft of the script...sorry

Anonymous said...

As long as bumblebee is in the movie heaps, I don't care :P

Anonymous said...

I think megaton should go back to cibertron only to see it being destroyed bu unicon,mean time octimis helps in the war they were previously in.bumblebee and iornhide protect Sam while also grieving the loss of makala.megaton andstarscream land and ask for help for there home world but before they leave a large expoldion in NY calling the attention to them,it is UNICON!this is were the major battle begins but sams new girlfriend dies by one of unicons blasts unicon fires a blast at prime but megaton blocks him and is hit directly.Starscream dies brutally mudflap gets serious and sacrificed himself to blowup unicons power core, autobots and deceptions tow unicons corpse to Jupiter the autobots and deceptions are now deceptibots.

Unknown said...

I have been secretly wanting the third movie to tie into the original movie. They make the dinobots, Prime gets a trailer, devastator learns to stand up-right, they all down grade to the original vehicles because they don't want the power and hey, the matrix absorbs it and tells them of a prophecy, and Hot Rod, Cup, and Ultra-Magnus arrive. Think of it as a way for all the new fans to not have to watch the original t.v. show. This way those that know will stay the original fans and we will be able to tell the difference. I think it would be the beezneez if they all went togather

Unknown said...

as long as the entire movie doesn't consist of explosions and fake boobs, I'll pretty much be happy. But I'm personally rooting for the Unicron thing.