Careful, cute baby hedgehogs ahead

Move over kittens! The internetz no longer needs your cute pictures of cats requesting cheezeburgerzs.

There's a new kid in town and he's cute with spikes! Jimmy Jangles brings you cute baby hedgehogs for the win! I'm mean seriously, you could bet the farm on these cuties!

Careful, cute baby hedgehogs ahead.

cute baby hedgehog
Baby Hedgehog reporting for duty!
Oh hai there, I'm the cutest baby hedgehog! I'm all little!

cute baby hedgehog
Cuteness: Evolved and Spikey!
I can haz the cheezeburger and da milkshake? How cute am I?

cute baby hedgehog
Hmm, your hand smells nice!
My milkshake tastes better than yours! It brings all the hedgehogs to the yard!

cute baby hedgehog
Cutest Hedgehog ever?
I might be wrapped around your thumb, but like you know the reverse is true cos I'm too cute!

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