The Cortana Pictures

cortana from the original Halo CE game
"Fancy a look?"

Pictures of Cortana from Halo

Everyone's favourite purple A.I., Cortana doesn't appear in Halo 3:ODST, instead we got a guy that liked to Keep it Clean and talked a little weird.

This doesn't mean Cortana is gone forever from the Halo series, she'll be back in all her nude glory when Microsoft surely does a sequel to Halo 3.

Her very brief but significant cameo in Halo: Reach hardly counted I reckon...

This doesn't mean we can't relive the past with some pictures of Cortana. She's a sex pot to all the 13 year old Halo players didn't ya know? And then some.

There's a reason Cortana's body appeared to be more naked and her boobs got hotter and bigger with the release of the Halo games.

It wasn't because of the improvements in coding technology... or was it?

Compare the picture at the top of this post to the next and note the distinct change in breast size.
cortana halo 3
The mind boggles at what this Halo 3 cut scene was all about.
cortana concept art
cortana witht the key halo
Contrast is key.....
cortana halo flood capture
No sex tonight dear, I have a head ache...

Cosplay is a really popular past time with all the Conventions that happen across America and the ROTW, so it's no surprise Cortana is a popular cosplay costume choice.

Only second to the infamous Princess Leia bikini SLAVE outfits...

cortana blue costume cosplay
Cortana cosplay at its finest

Here's another popular Cortana costume play outfit:
cosplay cortana halo

halo cosplay

What's the appeal of Cortana? Why the big deal? Let's face it, she's the real Hero of the Halo series, if it wasn't for her, the Master Chief would accidentally have unleashed the might of the first Halo Ring on the universe, destroying everyone. He'd have been a real boob eh?

The next image of Cortana is taken from the Halo Legends DVD:

cortana from halo legends

Halo artwork is very popular. I think the artist of the below sketch may have got Cortana's breast proportions all wrong. What do you think?

cortana drawing big breasts
Shed a tear, cause I'm missing you. 

Sometimes the owners of the Halo IP call in the big guns, and for the Halo Graphic Novel, this artwork was included. You can almost smell the sexual tension between the Chief and Mrs Cortana in the picture below. Is is me or is one breast slightly bigger than the other?

cortana concept art breasts

cortana covering her boobs
What are you looking at? Stop staring at my breasts!

Here's some Cortana concept are by Issac Hannaford who did some design work for Bungie:
Design work for cortna

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