Dinobots in Transformers? We Wants!

We'll tell YOU about Petro Rabbits...
Josh Duhamel, who played Captain William Lennox in the first two Transformers movies, confirmed that his next movie will be Transformers 3.

He said he just read the script and was impressed by how it deepens the mythology of the universe. When asked whether this meant Dinobots would be in the third movie, he said he couldn't answer that question.”

WTF does that mean? If I was a glass was half empty kind of guy, I’d suggest Josh Dummel was illiterate. If I was a glass was half full kind of guy, I’d suggest Josh as been sworn to secrecy that the Dinobots will be in Transformers 3.

Man, just to have one of them (Read: Grimlock or nothing) would be awesome. The spectacle of Grimlock taking on Megatron or eating Starscream would just be fantastic movie fun.

We don’t need a convoluted plot to have the Autobots in dinosaur form, just have them in the movie!

Things could be slightly grim for a Dinobots appearance thought. Micheal Bay apparently said "They've never been discussed [for inclusion]" stated Bay. "I don't like them. Actually, I hate them." I call bollocks and if he said such a thing, it would be a deliberate step at misinformation.

I asked my good buddy Optimus Prime if he knew of Bay’s plans and he said he hadn’t talked to Grimlock since the dingo dino ate his petro rabbit last Easter (egg!) so had no idea if Grimlock had been cast.

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