The Lions eat well tonight

King of the Jungle. That's a lion's job. But the job is tough one. Dealing with all the animal disputes can be tough going a task. Some times the Lion King will get, shall we say, fed up, and end the matter bought before him by simply eating his loyal subjects. Panthra Leo often shares the spoils with his Queen....or lets them catch  his meal!

Yum, Zebra!

A Buffalo Family Pack to go Please!

Impala for lunch...

 I'm having Buffalo wings...


Any Lion for a rib?

 The fat on this one is a little chewey eh?

Fine, I'll finish the ribs...

It's a true shame these fine animals have been targeted as trophies for walls over the years. Despite the carnage you see here, Lions are wonderful beasts and they have the most amazing adventures. You've see the Lion King right?

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