Polar bears suck at camping

Warning, this is a grisly post and is possibly NSFW

The definition of animal includes human beings so I am totally justified in bringing you these pictures of a hungry polar bears efforts at trying to make a meal of an Innuit hunter called Kootoo Shawwho amazingly survived this attack near the Arctic village of Kimmirut in Nunavut, the northernmost territory of Canada.

Long story short, hunters were camping when attacked by a polar bear who wanted to eat them.

Here's the end result:

And here's the end result for the bear. Sad face.

Source: Urban Legends (which reckon this story was true)

Those Polar bears are turning about to be some pretty scary animals!

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Anonymous said...

I believe this situation is called "Natural Selection". Poor polar bear :( Definetely not fair whatsoever.