Christchurch Earth Quake Pictures - Feb 2011

Christchurch Earth Quake Pictures - Feb 22 2011

Here we go again - Christchurch had another large earthquake today, apparently it was 6.3 on the Richter Scale, centered near Lyttelton, a port near Christchurch. The CBD of Christchurch has been grossly affected.

Sadly the NZ Police have confirmed there has been some fatalities where buses have been caught by debris. Many people injured as well, caught in buildings. Major reports of damage have come in and there is flooding beginning to happen. This is a horrific day.

Here's some shots of damaged buildings and cars crushed by bricks.

Damaged Building Ariel View

Car Crushed under bricks from house

Street flooded
Quake victims being attended to:

Here's the damaged Cathedral in the Town Square:

Cathedral takes another hit
Here's some pictures following the earth quake that were posted shortly afterwards by people using twitter and their phones:

A Church in Durham (?)

Obviously this building was already damaged in the Sept 2010 quake

People on the street

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