2012 Wellington Sevens Costumes, Cosplay and Outfits

wellywood girls in green bikini

Sevens Costumes, Cosplay and Outfits 2012

The Wellington Sevens. Every year, rugby players turn up from around the world to play the shortened version of the game.

Wellington sees it as an opportunity to dress up in costume and go crazier than the Famous Five or Secret Seven ever could.

Here’s some photos from the 2012 event and you can see they are just as good as last year’s costumed capers. 

asian girls sevens costumes
A Taste of Asia

scary baby adult costumes

sexy brides in corsets at the sevens
Brides to be looking for handsome players?

headless man haloween costume
That's gotta hurt. Maybe a zombie girl got him.

there's a party in the usa costumes
Oh dear.
pussy patrol costumes rugby sevens
Pusssssayyyyy Patrol

pasn n dash costumes
Pash and Dash!

girls dresses as pavloava costumes
Tasty Pavlova Girls

poison ivy costume girls
She's going to kill you, Dick: Poison Ivy Cosplay

hot popcorn girls
Pop Corn girls about to pop out

girls dresses as where's wally
Where's um... Wally?

smurf dudes

toy soldier cosplay
Toy Soldiers on the lookout

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