How to connect your Iphone to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One


How to connect your Iphone's Wifi to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One (and Scorpio)

I was recently tidying chords behind the TV and I managed to break the internet when I un-plugged the modem - the connection to the ISP just couldn't be made.

I was gutted as I wanted to play some Dead Space but my game save was 'in the cloud' so I was prevented from playing.

I sat defeated cursing my first world problem. Whilst doing so I got a text message on my Iphone and I got a little twinkle in my eye.

I could try and use the Wifi Hotspot function the phone has and see if the Xbox 360 would accept that as a source of internet data.

The short answer, is yes, you can connect the iphone's wifi to the Xbox!

Here's how to connect the two devices:
  • Turn your iphone's Personal Hot Spot on. 
  • Turn on the Xbox
  • If you have an ethernet plugged in to the xbox, remove it. 
  • Go to the Network settings section of the Xbox
  • Identify the wireless signal of your Iphone - it will be your Iphone's name. Select it.
  • Enter the password of your hotspot wifi as given to you on the phone. 
  • Once satisfied the connection has been made, sign into Xbox as per normal and you are away. 
Using your Iphone's data does run the risk of you blowing your datacap and and you'll possibly have limited connectivity via your 3G / 4G network so I doubt you'll be doing a multi-player marathon anytime soon but you should be able to access your saved games at the very least!

And don't do any game updates!

I imagine this little trick is also be able to be used by Android phones and the like that have the same wifi hotspot connections.

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