Costume pictures from the 2014 Wellington Sevens: Day One

fiesta party babes sevens wgtn

Wellington Sevens pictures. You love them. We love them.  So for your viewing pleasure, here's a whole set of costumes and cosplay that the punters proudly showed off during the tournament.

Who cares about the rugby when you have the people of Wellington dressed up in all these random costumes?!

chicken girl costumes
Hen's Night Out?

cheer leader girls cosplayers sevens

courtney love and aime winehouse cosplay
No. no. no

sexy girl guide cosplay
Where's the biscuits?

indian head dress cosplay

sugar skull doll face paint girl
Sugar Skull Doll
Wrong sport bro globe trotter  costume

girls dressed as robin costume
Nanannananannanaananana Robin!
carmen miranda costumes skinny girls
Carmen Miranda
walt cosplay breaking bad
He is the one who knocks

man dressed as scary spice costume
So tell me what you want? Scary Spice
The Doctours sevens
The Doctours are in!

Body wash girls
Body wash girls

dora explorer cosplays

egyptian costume sevens
Walk like a drunk Wellingtonian...
Green Men

Nuns on the lash

Visitors from Australia

sailor girls navy costumes

sevens hippy babes
Free love baby yeah!

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