Meet the Scarlet Witch from the set of the Avengers

Elizabeth Olsen Scarlett Witch Avengers

Meet Scarlet Witch from the Avengers. This is a picture from the set of the movie – Scarlet Witch is being played by Elizabeth Olsen.

Check out those boots! 

If you have any questions about Star Wars...

It’s time for a round up on what In a Faraway Galaxy has been up to. We’ve been fairly busy recently covering various myths and inspirations that went into making the movies. We also asked some odd questions. A lot of questions, including whether The Force Awakens is a good name?
Thinking of a Christmas present for someone? How about the U-Wing from Rogue One as a gift idea.

Arise, Sir Optimus Prime

The more we see of Transformers 4, the more I think they've set it in medieval times. Medieval times that feature dinosaurs of course and dangerous robots. Here's the new look Optimus Prime posing with his Knight like sword.

Optimus Prime with Sword from Transformers 4

Arise, Sir Prime indeed. 

Transformers are dangerous

This is a sweet new promotional poster from Tranformers 4. Guess the world hate the robots after what happened to Chicago eh?

Transformers are dangerous