Transformers: The Last Knight

Is Optimus Prime the Last Knight? 
The name of the 5th Transformers movie has been revealed. The Last Knight.

Is this a reference to Optimus Prime being the last Prime? Let's hope this outing has some semblance of plot. The name is curious and hints at an exploration of the origins of the Transformers (given the ending of the last movie).

This is Bellatron

Sunshine Drama is open for business

Mrs Ryan is a clever lass and has started her own drama school, Sunshine Drama.

Creative drama lessons is the name of the game. Based in the suburb of Karori, Wellington, Jenae aims to offers creative drama classes from preschool through to intermediate aged children.

Through a range of activities, challenges and games, Jenae's classes enable students to:
  • Unlock their imaginations and creativity
  • Speak effectively and expressively
  • Think spontaneously outside the square
  • Let their confidence soar to new heights
  • Develop social skills that cross into all areas of life
If you wish to learn more about classes, read the lesson plan.