Top 10 songs to Reminisce about Glory Days to!

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Top 10 Songs to Reminisce About good (or bad) times too!

Sometimes a song comes along that is upbeat and full of life. Musically they are killer diller, dressed to the hilt with riffs and hooks to die for. Lyrically they focus on times of the past, reflecting on past glories, happy days and better times. They might be of bitter sweet memories. They are often sung from the singer's perspective of looking back, fondly reminiscing. Or, it may simply be a song that causes the listener to think about times from the past.

These are the Top 10 songs to Reminisce to!

10. Summer of '69 By Bryan Adams

Supposedly about the sexual position the song is about various individuals buying guitars, joining bands and getting the girl. The singing is soaring and it's backed by one of rock's most memorable rock riffs. It's a shame Adams later released, Everything I do (I do it for you) and thus ruining his cred. Here's the vid on Youtube.

9. Hot Summer Night by Meat Loaf

Marion, I bet you say that to all the boys

This song is about reminiscing the hot summer night you got some sweet poon tang. And it has cool hand clapping. Nuff said. Meat Loaf rules, hang cool teddy bear!

8. Sweet Child 'O Mine, Guns 'N Roses

GNR's only number one hit, this song looks back on a happy time of childhood memories. Supposedly it was inspired by Axl Rose's wife. One of rock's greatest efforts, this song is popular in so many situations, especially in bars on a Saturday night sing-a-long. Here's the vid.

7. The Living Years, Mike and The Mechanics

"Every generation, blames the one before". I think everyone knows that line. The Living Years combined features of both members of the band's relationships with their fathers; it dealt with Mike Rutherford's (Genesis) strained relationship with his late father and the birth of co writer Robertson's son three months after his father's death. Heavy subject matter, but comes with a slight touch of looking back with fondness about dad. Here's a live version.

6. I will always love you, Dolly Parton.

You're an idiot Jimmy Jangles, Whitney Houston sang this song! Um no. Dolly Parton wrote it in 1974 herself and released it first. Whitney only made it famous. It's not completely a reminiscing song if you take the lyrics in a straight forward sense as its about an immediate relationship break up. The reminiscing occurs when people are remind of their own past relation ships and feel a kinship to the song. If you click one link today, you better make it this one.

5. We built this City  by Starship

Admit it, you know the song and you love it. Why? You love rock and roll and any rock and roll song about rock and roll rules. The key is why? Though it's 80's rock, it's good AM radio rock and everyone knows AM radio rock rules! The lyrics were written by Elton John's better half, Bernie Taupin and are a nostalgic nod to American radio stations of the 1970s. Le video.

4. Don't Look Back In Anger by Oasis

Who really knows what this song is about? All I know is that when I hear Don't look Back In Anger I feel happy about my life. It's one of those inspirational songs that say nothing and everything at the same time. Here's the vid.

3. Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

The ultimate song, in thinking about people how have did and fondly reflecting on their life. Not that you'd get this from the lyrics, they are kinda depressing. Here's a vid.

2. Don't Cry by GNR

That's write two entries for GNR, cos they rock. Every person that feels sad about a relationship can listen to this song and feel sadder and happier at the same time. It's the same trick again, sad lyrics mixed with happy, epic music.  Where's Izzy?

1. Glory Days by Bruce Springsteen

The number one song about glory days can only be called Glory days! The song is a 'seriocomic' tale of former 'all american' star high school athlete who now ruefully looks back on his so-called glory days. It's not a happy song but the trick with it is that the music is so happy! Sung with a knowing phrasing, Springsteen also pulled this trick with Born in the USA which was about a soldier's problems on returning from a tour or two in the Vietnam war - except it was one of the most up beat, anthemic songs of the 80s. Here's a live vid.

What are your favourite songs to reminisce to?

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I am, I said

I am, I said
I am the highway, I said
I am a mad man crossing water
I am not the walrus, I said
The walrus was Paul
But they didn't believe me, they said
Not one part at all
You're a liar, they said
I am, I said

I want it all, I want it all, I want it all and I want it now

i want it all queen cover image

Queen Greatest Hits II was the first CD I ever bought. The second was Micheal Jackson's Dangerous but we no longer talk about that. I blame my older cousin Matt for the Queen purchase. He was a Queen fanatic. I think after failing to petition his mother for permission to change his name to Roger Taylor the cat was renamed Roger. I remember one birthday at the Beach house Matt played me Queen songs as a present. Believe me when you're 10, this is awesome!

So I played that CD like forever and I fell in love with I Want It All. I think it was a song about Gen X but in all likelihood it was a rallying cry for 'black African youths'. Hell I was like 16 and I just wanted to get into Pulp Fiction without being ID'ed back then. I loved the guitar solo. Brian May at his best. A Blitzkrieg of a riff.

So when I happened to get myself a copy of the album the song came from, The Miracle the other day I was mega surprised to hear the album version was a different version from the greatest hits. There was a different intro, and there there was an additional beginning to the solo. The music was made angrier and harder by this! It also made Brian May look even more clever by half. Red Special indeed. 

So here's the lesson, record companies and radio stations screw you with edited songs and speed up versions so they can fit more room on a CD or play list. Oh god, I just realised there's probably a radio edit of Meat Loaf's I'd do Anything for Love out there and someone is missing out....

Here's the full version  with Blistering Brian on youtube with cuts of Queen..

i want it all queen