Violet Grape Dance

So like it was National Poetry Day/Week or something yesterday. I had no inspiration to create so I went thru my stuff and found this old one. Seeing as its Woman's Refuge appeal week it seemed kind apt.

I wrote it in like 1995 when I was young and dumb. I still am.


Take your time, as much as you care
Irises, laveder and violets are in bloom outside my window
Take your books.
I have no room.
Your words mean nothing so I stare

Take your comb, gel and mace
Relax, I'm not driving tonight
and I don't need straigntening cause the worm will see me right
I'm gonna throw your clothes in the fire place.

You leave because of my worms?
Add a touch of salt and simmer, while I
forget the fun, frolics and freshness
I have no need for an inward eye.
Baby I'm still a winner but my stomach burns

Like a grape ripening I grow in lavender scent.
The sun dances on me, it teems, bountiful with its time.
Green to Purple.

Purple bruises, battereed pinks, gashed greens.
Is that why you went?

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