That man deserves a DB

Dominion Brewery workers are going on strike for first time in 20 wears. All I can say is thank your god fearing, beer drinking beer gods it’s not Lion Nathan workers. LN makes the best beer in NZ, if not the whole world, Steinlager. And that’s a fact. A day without like Steinlager is like a day with out oxygen. Lifeless.

The Union wants 5 percent wage increases (Hmm, is that Andrew Little I smell?) DB has offered 4. I don’t know the whole details but I know anything above the rate of inflation seems to be a good deal. I guess DB should be thankful they don’t have a factory in Tonga!

I dislike unions – mainly because they seem to get hijacked by people who seem to think that everything in the world is owed to the workers. It’s not. I’ve ranted about this before but I’ll say it again if I give you a job, it’s my right to tell you how I want it done and how much I want to pay you. You can agree to do the work or not. NE arguments, its my way or the highway. Unless you have a better idea. And then I might give you a 10 percent bonus for working hard.

Just like DB does……

Update 1: Adolf Finklestein does a good post on the beering saga

Update 2: I actually did drink to DB's good health last whenerai. Good times times with Monteiths Pilsner indeed! Shussh! don't tell Geordie I was drinkng at the Occidental instead of the Feathers!

Update 3: There is no update 3. Get back to work!

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