Cuba Street Crawlers

cuba street wellington

Cuba Street.

It's where the weird  and wonderful people are.

And the wild. 

A real menagerie of people – it's the nexus for just about every kind of activity of exchange in the Wgtn CBD.

It's the Trade Me of the real world. Hookers or handbags – it has it all. 

Even pruno drinkers.

Thus JJ brings you his observations of the Cuba Street Crawlers.

The Busker.

This is a diverse group of money makers. From the Spanish guitar player to the guy with the imaginary guitar they all try their luck. Scruffy or impeccably turned out – it's a hit and miss affair as to who yer gonna get. My personal fave was the English guy who did b-side covers of Oasis and Ocean Colour Scene tunes. 

Sadly missing for a while now.

These players are prone to turf wars, particularly a certain Pacific Island woman who gets hacked off with the amped up imaginary guitar players. These exchanges are usually more entertaining than the music on offer.

The Cosmic Corner Crowd.

They believe in the cosmic. As in they are 'especially distinct from Earth'. Enough said.

The Drunk

Falls into two distinct categories.

If I could sum up the first with two words it would be "Blanket Man". Without a doubt 
BM is Wellington's most famous bum. Certain to be found drunk or stoned with his other drunk or stoned comrades loitering somewhere near the Bucket Fountain. Speaking of fountains, check out the themes of The Fountain by Darren Aronofsky.

Famous for exposing himself and smoking weed this guy doesn't have a care in the world. 

He is possibly too drunk and stoned to realise this however.

He's dead now, RIP. 

The other category of The Drunk is at the other end of the spectrum. Fast becoming known as

The Drunksy.

This breed of crawler appears after watering all night at the Good Luck Bar or Matterhorn to puke or piss in the Bucket fountain.

Other signs of the Drunksy are the inability to climb stairwells or recall any event of said watering activities. 

The Drunksy doesn't have a care in the world save finding a cab home.

Is possibly too involved with his or herself to find one.

Or they were right the whole time...

The Cafe Crowd

Hipsters on Cuba Street drinking fair trade coffee, perhaps at Fidel's. According to their TS shirts, they believe Che lives and Fair trade and any other world saving slogan or Live 8 concert is gonna make a difference. 

Probably really enjoy a ph tested kombucha drink.

Everyone else

Just heading up to Real Groovey records for the latest Goldfrapp remix single on vinyl....


His Whoreness said...

you forgot to mention the hordes of students who treat cuba street as the main throughfare to everywhere in wellington, and the olive crowd who spend so much time at the window-side tables you'd have to wonder if they have day jobs.

goldfrapp remixes on vinyl? i sense a shopping spree in the offing

Anonymous said...

I think the Olive crowd actually do have jobs but it my experience they actually work on Cuba, therefore they don't have far to crawl back all coffeed up. You forgot to mention the odd random celebrity that you see on Cuba. If you're lucky you'll see Oliver Driver.

Anonymous said...

fyi Blanket Man is officially known as Tarzan, not Blanket Man

Anonymous said...

Nah, he's Blanket Man for sure.