Steinlager Pure lager - Yeah Right

So like are a few truths in life. The All Blacks suck without Richie McCaw, hip hop is not music but a beat and Steinlager is the best god damned beer in the world. And that’s a fact. But to be honest, Supercharger is giving them a run for their money.

No ifs, no buts, no favourite boutique brew from a cold grey garage out the back of Stokes Valley, no imported premium water with added ale.

Drink less of this Steinlager

So why the fuck would Lion Nathan decide that everyday Steinlager needs a richer cousin, the all new preservative free Steinlager Pure. Is Lion Breweries telling me the Steinlager we all know and love is impure? Drinking 12 of them leads you to do impure things, but the pleasure and pain of it all is usually worth it.

Some PR hack-who-does-not-deserve-a-DB wrote “With Steinlager Pure we have bottled the spirit of New Zealand.”

Give. Me. Strength.

Crap like that just smacks of old-school America’s Cup PR champagne/campaign comedy but with a drunk Colin Meads wearing a red sock on his head.

Let’s stick to the facts here: Men drink Steinlager, League players drink Red.

“Steinlager Pure will retail for $24.99 per dozen”. Oh, I get it now, it’s a beer for Auckland Jaffas. I hope they at least sterilized their equipment.

Drink more of this Steinlager
steinlager new zealand lager beer
Steinlager has taste. Steinlager has no taste. There endeth the lesson....


Anonymous said...

I suggest you clean out your crack pipe: in reality Steinlager is the beer for gullible foreigners who want something "NZ" to drink. Few New Zealanders are ever seen drinking them, as they are to gassey and sharp to really enjoy in quantity.

In that regard, Steinlager pure is a great improvement, and its about time NZ had a decent drinkable premium lager to replace the "kiwi lager" we lost as a result of DB selling out to Heinekin.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy, you are a man out of my own heart and whoever posted the above comment must walk around with there eyes closed. There is only one Steinlager and pure as you say is for people who want to be Steinlager drinkers but are to soft to handle the real stuff.