Megatron: Apparently not at the bottom of a deep marine trench

So like it would be remiss of the Optimus Prime Experiement to let comment pass on this fool.

Vincent Eardley-Wilmot managed to avoid authorities in New Zealand and Canada for four years by using false names. His run ended on Friday when Justice Robert Dobson, in the High Court at Wellington, jailed him for six years and six months after he admitted importing ecstasy and lsd and conspiracy to import methamphetamine.

What was his alias? Megatron. Leader or the Decepticons. Destroyer of worlds. A mad bugger. How dumb to you have to be to go around hiding from the cops with the name Megatron? You'd stand out like a pimple on a Dinobot's ass wouldn't ya? We'll you'd think so but the bugger must have done something right for four years.

Maybe he shortened his name to Megs or something.

I heard his girl friend Arcee was also arrest on other drugs charges

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Anonymous said...

Actually his real name changed by deed poll before any charges was Megatron Eardley-Wilmot. Prior to that his first name was Nick not Vincent. He was usually referred to by friends as 'Tron.