A definitive definition of Gummies and other Kiwi slang that might not be placed in a dictionary

So like here's some definitions of Kiwi slang that you won’t find referenced in a dictionary of good standing, nor defined in the dewey decimal system. Not even a cheap glossary.

Slang for the students who attend Otago University in Otago, New Zealand. Known for the scarves they wear in the cold to rugby games.

Jimmy Jangles
A way to describe Jimmy when he plays guitar.

Kiwi slang for gumboots or Wellingtons.

Beige Brigade
A group of sports fans who wear beige clothing to cricket matches in honor of the uniform worn by the New Zealand cricket team in the 1980s.

The Beehive
A New Zealand Parliament Building that is shaped like an actual beehive. Expels a lot of hot air.

Chloe of Wainuiomata
Kiwi icon known for her tiger slippers and lack of singing ability.

The Feelers
A three piece rock band from New Zealand known for the hits ‘Venus’ and ‘Fishing for Lisa’.

A popular New Zealand blog written by David P Farrar that has been fomenting happy mischief since 2003.


So I’m trying something out, bare with me!

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