Watchmen needed a big giant squid!

So like I saw the Watchmen. I enjoyed The Comedian being a Robert Downy Jr esque prick, Dr Manhatten's story, enjoyed the visuals, the self paradoy (if it wasn't parody then it was a lil Bat and and Robin!) but thought the ending sucked. Rorshach was quite the loving psychopath.

Stop reading if you intend to see the Watchmen on the big screen...

It was kind of like the Superman / Batman Identity Crisis but not as good (though I think it was actually written after Watchmen...). So later on I go online to read about the story of Watchmen (having avoided it all to find the original ending had a giant squid! A mother fucking giant squid!

And they cut it out to make room for some modern day environmental energy crisis! WTF? Watchmen needed the squid to do its "a telepathic burst that kills half the city's inhabitants" not some 'guy in a guy poncing round inventing free energy.

Shit man, they did that in The Saint.

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His Whoreness said...

A nuclear explosion vaporising crowds doesn't seem as filmic as a giant psionic squid wreaking bedlam on city streets, but then it does make more sense around Dr Manhattan