James Cameron's Avatar Movie Concept Art Pictures

avatar concept art neytiri

James Cameron's Avatar Movie Concept Designs

Here's some of the concept artwork that went into the design of the biggest movie 2010 had to offer, Avatar. 

A mish mash of storyboards, artwork from the game and design sketches are yours to enjoy.

The above image is some early concept art of the heroine of Avatar, Neytiri.

concept artwork avatar neytiri
More of the blue princess
This is next image is a larger one of the above of Ney’tiri. Her colour reminds me of Cortana from the Halo games:

avatar cameron art mytiri design
Blue Smurf?

The next two shots are from the video game version of Avatar. They were first displayed at Microsoft's E3 in 2009 and were some of the first images released that showcased the look and feel of Pandora. 

avatar cameron film

Yes, they may *only* be from the video game but they do show the concept Cameron was going for with Avatar and how close they were to how the Avatar movie ended up.

Does any of this remind you of the Halo games? It should as those games were totally based on the look of Aliens that Cameron designed and directed:

avatar video game image cameron

avatar 2 movie concept art
Check out the view of Pandora!
avatar movie designs
Helicopter and Dragon
This concept art for Avatar's mechanical man below is very reminiscent of Cameron's Aliens' film exosuit which Ellen Ripley wore in the show down with the mother alien. 

Indeed, a lot the ships and design that appeared in Aliens was recycled by James Cameron. 

This lead to some fans of the Halo game to think he had stolen design ideas from that series of games, however it quickly became apparent that Bungie had originally borrowed from Aliens!

james cameron's avatar concept art
Look familiar?

And here's a shot of a similar an Avatar suit from the video game:

avatar game concept art

Check out the bearded man with lice running gag in Titanic.

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